Namor Has An Epic (But Disgusting) New Use For His Powers

namor the submariner from marvel comics

Namor’s performances have always been determined by the presence of water, but a new use of his powers proves this may not be the case anymore.

Warning: SPOILERS for Avengers Forever #14Marvel fans know that Namor is almost unstoppable when he is underwater, but they could not imagine that the Submariner’s power boost works with any kind of liquid, even the most disgusting ones, as shown during the Avengers’ recent battle against Doom Supreme.

In Avengers Forever #14, by Jason Aaron, Jim Towe, Frank Martin, Chris Sotomayor, and Morry Hollowell, Namor and Avenger Prime (a version of Loki who is trying to save the Multiverse) take on Doom Supreme, who is trying to take over the God Quarry to gain control of the Multiverse. Doom Supreme’s magic is too strong, and he has previously held off even Old Man Phoenix and a Power Cosmic-imbued Black Panther, so it seems that Namor does not stand a chance. However, when the molten blood from a planet-sized version of Doom submerges the battlefield, Namor swims in it and gains the power boost he usually gets from water, making an unexpected comeback.


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Namor Can Get His Power Boost From Any Liquid, Not Just Water

Namor’s membership in the Avengers is quite recent. When the current version of the team was formed, Namor was actually one of the first threats they had to deal with, after he declared that the oceans were off-limits for “the surface dwellers”. After She-Hulk saved Atlantis from a Gamma Bomb, Namor joined the Avengers as an act of gratitude, right in time to be involved in the team’s battle against Mephisto, Doom Supreme, and their Masters of Evil. After traveling through time to meet their predecessors, the Prehistoric Avengers, and defeating the Masters, the Avengers now have to stop Doom Supreme from conquering the God Quarry.

Namor’s increased power in water was established during his first appearances in the modern Marvel age, starting from when Namor fought on par with the Hulk in the classic Avengers #3. More recently, when the Avengers confronted him underwater (before he joined the team), Namor easily stopped the Avengers’ powerhouses Thor, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel, all alone. However, the common assumption was that Namor’s physical attributes were only enhanced underwater, but it is now clear this happens with any liquid, even a disgusting one such as the molten blood of a living planet.

Namor Is Actually One Of Marvel’s Strongest Characters

Namor’s power tends to be underestimated, but he is actually one of the strongest and deadliest characters in the Marvel Universe. In the past, he went toe-to-toe with not just the Hulk, but other powerhouses such as Hercules, Silver Surfer, and even the Sentry. Namor‘s performances, however, have always been determined by the presence of water, but the revelation that any liquid works to his benefit makes the Avenging Son’s powers even more impressive.

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Avengers Forever #14 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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