Mystique Pranked Her Wife With A Hilarious Star Wars Quote

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In New Mutants #33 Destiny hilariously quotes a Star Wars quote to the New Mutant Escapade, before revealing that her wife had lied about who said it.

Warning: contains spoilers for New Mutants #33The longtime X-Men villain and current hero Mystique is most famous for her manipulative shape shifting ability, but a recent exchange in New Mutants #33 revealed Raven’s funny side, with a surprisingly hilarious Yoda prank pulled on her wife Destiny, who has clearly never seen Star Wars.

Destiny and Mystique are quite literally “old souls,” both having been born sometime in the 1800s and the two lovers even being the inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler in official Marvel canon. While Mystique is quite adaptable – partly because of her powerful mutant ability – her wife Destiny is still very “classical” in her thinking, and was also famously dead for years in comics, meaning it was incredibly easy for Raven to prank Irene with a Yoda-based joke, since it is an almost guarantee that she has never seen Star Wars.


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New Mutants #33 – written by Charlie Jane Anders with art by Alberto Alburquerque – was the finale to the New Mutants latest horrific adventure, as Escapade, Wolfsbane, Cerebella, Leo, Morgan, and Hibbert the Flying Turtle managed to finally escape from the clutches of the villain Sublime and his disgusting U-Men. Since Escapade’s introduction in Marvel’s Voices Pride 2022 – in a story also written by Anders – she has been terrified of a future told to her by Destiny and Emma Frost, one where Shela’s reality-swapping powers would lead to the death of her best friend Morgan. The future vision that predicted the death of Morgan almost happened during the New Mutants escape, except Shela was able to stop this future from happening and save herself and Morgan (with the help of her fellow New Mutants), proving to her that Destiny and Emma Frost were totally lying about this future being guaranteed. Of course, Escapade was furious with the two mutant “mentors,” and confronted them once back on Krakoa, which is where Destiny hilariously quoted Yoda of Star Wars fame.

Destiny Should Watch Star Wars Before Using More Prophetic Quotes

New Mutants #33 Mystique tells Destiny a Star Wars Yoda Prank

Destiny specifcally misquoted a Yoda line from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back saying “Always in motion, the futures is,” when in reality Yoda famously said, “Always in motion is the future.” Regardless of the slight misquote, which honestly makes it even funnier because it means there is a high chance that Mystique herself never even saw the film, just heard the quote, it is truly hilarious to see Destiny – who is typically very reserved and stoic – quoting a famous character from Star Wars. Quickly though it is revealed that Destiny had zero idea it was a Yoda quote after Shela retorted “Don’t quote Yoda to me,” prompting Destiny to reflect that Raven had told her it was a quote from a German philosopher. While Mystique may not be known for her sense of humor, it is honestly very in line with everything known about Raven that she would slyly incept Destiny with a Yoda-quote, knowing that at some point in the future she was bound to use it, as Irene’s whole precognitive thing is “my future sight sees every possible reality, which is constantly changing.” Irene is a woman of great composure and self-respect, so Mystique pranking her by telling her a Star Wars quote was from a philosopher is the perfect level of loving mischief for their marriage. Destiny and Mystique’s relationship – finally made formally canon after years of queer subtext – has been one of the highlights of the Krakoan Era, and seeing this “behind the scenes” into their relationship was a true joy.

Mystique of the X-Men may be known for many things, but now “prankster” can be added that list after the absolutely hilarious Yoda prank she pulled on her wife Destiny, and hopefully fans will see more of this side of Raven in future comics.

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New Mutants #33 from Marvel Comics is available now in stores.

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