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After losing their first home game of the season, Isaiah Stanback and Kyle Youmans break down what went wrong last week for the Cowboys and what they can do to get back on track this week as they host the Atlanta Flacons.

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4 thoughts on “Movie Room: Solving What Went Fallacious | Dallas Cowboys 2021”
  1. Great we fans would like to also see Sounds from the Sidelines when we lose as well💯. Its important to know and see the fight of the team during disaster

  2. All the OLine has to do is attack , Attack,don't wait for the DT,and D lineman dictate,in other words put hands on Your man and make Your prediction for where His direction is turned simple,I did it playing base at the linebacker position,create confrontation on contact Simple Simple

  3. The team was finally gaining my trust. Then in one game, Dak reverts back to being unable to read defenses, confused, and inaccurate.
    The coaching staff totally makes a bad decision to play Steele at LT, over LC at LT. Without Tyron Smith, the O-Line is pretty bad. They need a Center, LG, and RT if they don't resign LC. Plus, maybe a LT since Tyron is having so much trouble staying healthy. To boot, Steele isn't a starting OT. He's a swing tackle at best. The only reason he was decent at RT, is because Zack, Zek, and the TE's helped him..
    The WR's became inept. The defense proved my thinking that they still have not fixed the issue of stopping the run. It was just being covered up by the fact that other teams were getting behind and just stopped running the ball.
    Good coaches like Denvers flat out know and can easily see the Cowboys weaknesses, and expose them. I had predicted that the Cowboys would go 7-10, or maybe 8-9, because of these weaknesses.
    They should have never extended DeMarcus Lawrence in the 1st place like I said before they did. He's proven to be a 20 million dollar per year waste of salary cap. It's high time that Jerry draft a stud DT, to put an end to being weak against the run.
    To the fans who who jumped the gun thinking the team was a super bowl caliber team….learn to know the team and it's weaknesses and who they truly are. Without Tyron Smith we have No Run Game. The defense is still weak against the run, if other teams just stick to running the ball. Diggs is still a work in progress. Other teams can attack our Center, LG, and Steele. So, the team was able help the weak ones with Tyron playing. Without Tyron, the O-Line is very weak. So in truth, the team isn't deep enough to cover loosing Tyron, or Martin… not good.
    Knowing the truth about the team, and what they truly are, will prevent disappointment when their weaknesses are exposed.

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