Most Talented Masked Singer Contestants From 2022

The Masked Singer Panel Shocked

The Masked Singer rolled out seasons 7 and 8 in 2022 with show-stopping performers. But who among them was the absolute best this year had to offer?

In 2022, The Masked Singer featured some of the most talented performers to date. The Masked Singer seasons 7 and 8 debuted this year, each with its own highs and lows. From COVID-19 scares to competitor controversies, each entry in the show’s catalog had a great deal to offer new and longtime fans.

Of course, the most memorable moments from this year came from the vocalists. With each new impressive costume came a voice, sometimes overpowering, sometimes underwhelming. The Masked Singer season 7 featured a bit of a shakeup to the format with its team function, leaving most viewers unimpressed. The Masked Singer season 8, on the other hand, featured highly praised theme nights and more performers than ever before. While most fans found The Masked Singer season 7’s format a downgrade, season 8 seemed to recover from every previous misstep.


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The Masked Singer Season 7’s Best Of The Worst

The general fan consensus deems Hayley Orrantia of The Goldbergs fame to be the best The Masked Singer season 7 performer, despite being the competition’s runner-up. Hayley appeared on the show as The Ringmaster, a circus-themed cat-like diva. During her time on The Masked Singer, Hayley delivered explosive covers of well-known pop idols’ hits, including “The Climb,” “Super Bass,” and “Waking Up in Vegas.” But perhaps above all, fans hold her performance of “I Will Always Love You” in the highest regard, touting it as one of the best performances in the show’s history. Despite the disappointment surrounding Hayley’s The Masked Singer season 7 loss, her time on the show will live on positively in fans’ minds.

The Highest Highs Of The Masked Singer Season 8 & Maybe Ever

One of the most cathartic moments was seeing Amber Riley take The Masked Singer season 8 crown. Even though most fans recognized The Harp’s voice from nearly the first performance, that didn’t take away one bit from Amber’s powerful numbers. With performances of “Perfect” and “I Have Nothing,” Amber’s performances as The Harp quickly plucked her way into the hearts of all who saw and heard her voice. However, the most eruptive of all her performances was “The Edge of Glory,” a nod to her time on Glee. Many fans saw her win as rightful vindication of her treatment in showbiz.

The Other Masks Who Deserve A Spotlight

Plenty of other competitors from the past year need some recognition too. Though most fans found her win undeserved, Teyana Taylor delivered some grand vocals as Firefly, especially with “Lost Without U.” Another The Masked Singer season 7 favorite was Cheyenne Jackson as The Prince. With his background in Broadway, his performance of “Viva La Vida” was nothing less than excellent. A standout from The Masked Singer season 8 was FBoy Island host Nikki Glaser as Snowstorm, with her rendition of “thank u, next.” Nikki is one of the best contestants the show’s had who’s not a singer by trade. And, of course, Wilson Phillips as The Lambs were contenders in their own right for the show’s crown.

With multiple risks in format and a wide pool of contestants and guest judges, the year has been kind to the show overall. Even with all the mishaps in The Masked Singer seasons 7 and 8, 2022 will likely be regarded as one of the best years for the show. If anything, 2022 has proved just how vocal and passionate the show’s fan base is.

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