Most Disappointing Amazing Race Eliminations In 2022

Phil Keoghan welcoming the Amazing Race season 34 teams

The Amazing Race season 33 and 34 both aired in 2022 with great casts, and some of the eliminations hit viewers hard when fan-favorites went home.

Two seasons of The Amazing Race aired in 2022, and there were disappointing eliminations in both seasons. Season 33 had the unfortunate timing of starting before the pandemic, leading all teams to be sent home after a few legs of the race and delayed for over a year. When the race started back up not every team was able to return, but those that did come back made for a great season. Season 34 found 12 new teams racing around the world with only elimination legs, making for a fierce competition.


The Amazing Race seasons 33 and 34 both had fan-favorite winners and runner-ups, but not every lovable team made it to the finale. Both seasons had an impressive cast that brought the drama and the sweet moments. There was a mix of couples, like reality TV now-exes Caro Viehweg and Ray Gantt, and Kim and Penn Holderness to family teams like twins Emily Bushnell and Molly Sinert. Though many fans noticed the impact of the pandemic on the race, as it limited some of the extreme challenges, the cast more than made up for it with their endearing personalities.

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Glenda & Lumumba Roberts

Glenda and Lumumba Roberts on The Amazing Race 34 smiling in their orange team gear.

One of the most disappointing, though not surprising, eliminations from The Amazing Race season 34 was underdogs Glenda and Lumumba. The newlyweds had been struggling for several legs of the race, but managed to scrape by and kept a positive attitude throughout the race. Viewers loved to watch them because they were always supportive of each other and gave hilarious commentary. Their rocky track record ended with them driving their car into a ditch and getting it pulled out by a local with a tractor, which they were still able to laugh about.

Lulu & Lala Gonzalez

Twins have an interesting record on The Amazing Race, as Natalie and Nadiya Anderson appeared on two separate seasons, but could not clench the win. Fans were expecting Lulu and Lala to have the same explosive personalities, but they quickly became fan-favorites. They had a slow start on the first few legs, but proved to be tough competition before eventually getting eliminated. Lulu and Lala clearly have a love for the show, and have made a career out of talking about it on YouTube with their fellow racers.

Abby Garrett & Will Freeman

Will and Abby from The Amazing Race season 34 smiling with their blue team gear on.

It is always tough to watch teams on The Amazing Race get eliminated, especially if it was because of something out of their control. Abby and Will are childhood sweethearts and long-time fans of the show. They could barely contain their excitement just to be running the race, though they did not get much screen time. Fans were shocked that Abby and Will were eliminated because they tested positive for COVID-19, and their dream was cut short.

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