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Moiz’s Sister Shocked Everyone | Turkish Drama | RI1T | Ek Haseen Intiqam

Maheen, unlucky with her love life, finally decides to marry the man of her dreams. However the groom Roshan, gets lost and on her wedding day, Maheen is alone. After this horrible event, it is almost impossible for Maheen to live happily, and she believes that it all happened due to someone she met in her past life. While she starts to question her past, she remembers Shohan, the guy who loved her during her college years. Shohan, heart broken and humiliated by Maheen in front of everyone, was forced to leave the school and start a new life. Maheen believes that if she finds Shohan and apologizes to him, there may be a chance for her to get rid of this curse.
However, things will not be so easy, because Shohan is no longer the same.

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