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Here’s what’s happening across the state

– Early on in the pandemic, a “grim reaper” would appear at the beach, as a warning to those who were not taking COVID-19 seriously. He gained national attention and a substantial social media following. That grim reaper was Florida attorney Daniel Uhlfelder, an inveterate Democratic political rapscallion. He announced his candidacy for Florida attorney general. You can read that story here.

Even a mild case of COVID-19 can cause brain changes. It’s too soon to know if the damage lasts. A new study provides the most conclusive evidence yet that COVID-19 can damage the brain, even in people who weren’t severely ill. The study, published Monday in Nature, used before-and-after brain images of 785 British people, ages 51 to 81, to look for any changes. About half the participants contracted COVID between the scans – mostly when the alpha variant was circulating – which left many people at least temporarily without a sense of smell.

Analysis of the “before” and “after” images from the UK Biobank showed that people infected with COVID had a greater reduction in their brain volumes overall and performed worse on cognitive tests than those who had not been infected. Check out the story, which is free for readers, here.

COVID-19 hospitalized him 331 days, cost him his legs, but he’s fighting his way back. A Michigan man, on vacation with his family in Florida, was hit with COVID, leading to amputation of his legs and a long fight to recovery. This is a story from our sister newspaper, the Detroit Free-Press, and it’s available for subscribers to any USA TODAY Network newspaper. To read it, click here.

Today’s fact check

No new COVID fact check for today. USA TODAY’s Fact Check Team has been busy keeping up with Russia-Ukraine social media posts, videos and photos.

However, we’ll reshare this Fact Check about vaccines, ICYMI: No evidence of cancer spike linked to COVID-19 vaccines. A claim on social media says cancer rates have increased 20-fold since Operation Warp Speed aka the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. The claim is false. Read the story here.

COVID info to know

COVID-19 will be an issue for a long time to come, and we think more education is better. Here’s what you need to know.


This story is free for everyone: Compare the spread of COVID-19 in your area


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Feedback on our COVID coverage. You ask, we’ll try to answer

From a reader: Please continue to report and link to the CDC’s community level reports on a daily basis. Thank you.

We have two resources that we can’t share enough:

• The CDC has a new mask guidelines map that shows COVID risk levels by county. Each county is color-coded: orange for high risk, yellow for medium green for low. You can look up on the map here.

• You also can track the coronavirus in your community on our free database at

Anything else you want to know? Ask your questions here.

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Here’s what else is happening with the coronavirus in Florida today.

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This article originally appeared on Fort Myers News-Press: Man with COVID hospitalized for 331 days, lost his legs to amputation

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