MHA is Forcing Ochako to Become More Like Toga

MHA is Forcing Ochako to Become More Like Toga

The earlier dynamic between Ochako Uraraka and Himiko Toga at the end of the Paranormal Liberation War has flipped as of My Hero Academia chapter 375.

Warning: Spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 375The part of Ochako Uraraka and Himiko Toga‘s reunion that My Hero Academia fans have been waiting for is finally happening, but the two characters are unfortunately switching roles in the worst way imaginable.

What fans have been holding onto ever since Ochako and Himiko last met at the tail end of the Paranormal Liberation War is how Ochako’s rejection of Himiko’s offer of friendship hurt the villain. Although the manga hinted before their long-awaited reunion that Himiko had moved on from Ochako in My Hero Academia, there was still hope that Himiko would eventually open up to Ochako as she had originally.


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But as of My Hero Academia chapter 375 by Kohei Horikoshi, Himiko Toga is so dead set on avenging Twice’s death and killing every hero that she has no qualms with leaving Ochako behind and does so without hesitation. Ironically, Ochako is now literally holding as tightly as she can to Toga so that they can finally talk about romance.

My Hero Academia Has Ochako & Toga Completely Backwards

Ochako Uraraka says to Himiko Toga that they haven't talked about romance yet in My Hero Academia chapter 375

On the surface, this is an intriguing subversion of Himiko and Ochako’s earlier dynamic. Himiko originally wanted nothing more than to gab with Ochako about their shared obsession with Deku. But Ochako didn’t at all. She was more disgusted by Himiko’s advances and felt more compelled to reject her than anything else. But now that Himiko is executing a plan of attack that could be devastating for Japan’s heroes, Ochako is trying to divert her attention by attempting to connect with Himiko in the same way that the villain had once tried to do with her. For Himiko and Ochako’s relationship to continue where it left off at the end of the Paranormal Liberation War, Ochako has to adopt this new mentality.

Unfortunately, all of this is setting up their confrontation to culminate with the clichΓ© of a hero trying to appeal to a conflicted villain’s emotional side at the 11th hour. But this isn’t what fans have been hoping for ever since Himiko left in tears. What they found intriguing was that Ochako hurt her and hoped that Himiko would later try to connect with Ochako again. There was no part of Himiko’s personality suggesting that Ochako’s rejection would cause Himiko to embrace her darker side. In fact, her past actions suggest otherwise. Deku has never reciprocated Himiko’s feelings and yet her spurned advances haven’t made her eviler.

Of course, My Hero Academia has been hinting that this would unfortunately transpire. Before their reunion, Himiko was put in a situation that caused her to face her past, and she thought of everything except for Ochako, suggesting that she had moved on. Meanwhile, Ochako Uraraka later revealed to Deku at a separate time that whenever she ever felt herself feeling sorry for Himiko, she would go out of her way to remind herself that Himiko Toga was evil. So even though fans of My Hero Academia will finally see Ochako Uraraka and Himiko Toga resume their earlier conversation, the wrong character is doing all the work.

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