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Hello everyone! It’s VAR. Have you watched the Champions League clash between PSG and Man City this matchday? We would all like to see a game between these opponents in the Champions League final, but these teams faced each other in the group stage already.

Yes, some people call these teams moneybags, but there is no denying the fact that these clubs are among the main contenders for victory in the Champions League.

This Tuesday the first-ever victory of Paris Saint-Germain over Manchester City happened – by the way, a historic event. And we finally saw the first goal of Lionel Messi for the new club – the Argentine scored the first club level goal that was not for Barcelona.

We watched this match very carefully and highlighted seven important conclusions: they relate to the powerful changes of Kylian Mbappé, the disappointment of Manchester City, and, of course, Lionel Messi’s goal that can play a big role in the adaptation of the Argentine.

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1. Pochettino needs to train one squad for both Ligue 1 and Champions League

At the start of the season, experts noticed that Mauricio Pochettino puts the most powerful squad for the Champions League game, while other players take part in the French championship – and the Messi-Neymar-Mbappé trio does not have time to achieve good teamwork at all.

So it happened this time: on the weekend before the match against City, PSG played against Montpellier in Ligue 1 and Lionel Messi had to miss the game due to a minor injury. Ángel Di María replaced him in the attack.

Against City, Pochettino simply could not release Messi – neither the fans nor the club’s owners would understand him. But Lionel has to improve teamwork with partners either in a training format or in important matches already when it is necessary to show the result.

This time is clearly not enough to fully align game connections and establish a powerful interaction between the players. Yes, in the second half, Messi scored with an assist by Mbappé, but how many games before was Kylian greedy to just pass and shanked 100 per cent chances?

Even in the first half, the attacking trio had problems with mutual understanding. So the guys need more playing time every week, they don’t need to be saved for an important match once again – this is the only way PSG will be able to say that their attacking trio is great, and the mutual understanding in the team is good.

2. While everyone is talking about the legendary trio, other players bring victory to PSG

3. After the goal against City, Messi will finally boost himself in Paris
It finally happened! More than a month and a half have passed since Messi’s transfer and he finally managed to score for the new club. And not against some ordinary team in the championship, but the Champions League finalist led by Pep Guardiola.

Yes, Leo loves to score against English clubs, he has already scored 9 goals just against Arsenal during his career, but the goal against City is special – we saw Messi’s first club level goal at the club level that was not for Barcelona.

Leo dragged the ball almost 30 meters without any resistance, and then played a one-two with Mbappé – the Frenchman did not become greedy and gave a good pass, it only remained to hit the target, which Leo did.
At the same time, Messi did not shy away from rough work – the team needed to defend itself, and he calmly lay down under the wall and was ready to work for the team. Has this been the case in Barcelona in recent years? We can hardly remember.

This match can definitely give Messi confidence in his adaptation, which is very difficult. Finally, Leo managed to play an excellent combination with Kylian Mbappé – and before that the Frenchman only interfered with the Argentine on the field.

Well, now we are waiting for Messi’s goal-scoring extravaganza in the French championship – there the opponents will be simpler than Manchester City, Leo has already thrown the burden of the first goal off his shoulders and will be able to play more relaxed.

4. Someone had a successful educational talk with Mbappé

5. Has City lost in comparison with the spring of 2021?

6. Pep couldn’t do anything against the trio – as he said before the match

7. The great attacking trio is just beginning to be seen

It’s VAR – we talk about the most interesting topics and events quickly and not boring. Have a good one and sound health!

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  1. If PSG use messi correctly… Sure PSG will be at top…in BARCELONA the key player is MESSI so all the players assist messi so that he can score lot of goals but the situation is not same in PSG …we can see lot of selfishness & ego among players in PSG…

  2. Messi shot a pretty good goal for his 1st time in PSG I would rate it a 9.8/10 only because I know some where soon he will score much more better and more surprising goals than this one. I BELEIVE IN YOU MESSI!!!!⚽⚽👑👑👑

  3. I am curse for messi
    I didn't watched his single match when he was in Barcelona and he was phenomenal
    But I watched his every psg match
    But he was not scoring
    So I decided to not to watch his match against Manchester city just to check
    He scored ⚽️

  4. Messi is getting his footing at PSG and the masterful goal he scored is telling his team mates they can rely on him for goal scoring. With Messi and Neymar as spearheads Mbappe will not be missed.

  5. My son a staunch England fan asked me why England hardly wins a continental trophy, I told him I'll tell u when the right time comes. Then when PSG drew 1:1 with club bruge, Michael Owen said signing Messi only weakened PSG. I called my son, showed him the article n told him that's Michael Own saying that. An England great, and that's why England hardly wins.

  6. It’s nice to see the best of the world in one team, but the money psg has takes away from independent competition. If they win the champions league, they plain simple bought the trophy. This should be fixed so there is more competition. But I have faith in the team spirit that Bayern has, so I believe Bayern will be there strongest opposition this season

  7. Messi…. THE GAOAT… masterful goal he scored made his team mates they can rely on him for goal scoring. MESSI ….. KING OF FOOTBALL

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