Mephisto Just Fixed Thanos’ Biggest MCU Mistake

Iron Man Thanos Marvel Comics First Meeting

The demon Mephisto does what Thanos couldn’t do in Avengers: Infinity War: defeat Iron Man with his own move.

Warning: SPOILERS for Avengers Forever #12Marvel’s Thanos may be one of the franchise’s most powerful and intimidating villains, but Mephisto actually beats him in one major way: following through on a now-classic MCU moment that nearly killed Iron Man. The character has tremendous physical strength and in the comics even possesses telepathy and a mind hardened against psychic attacks; the emergence of Thanos almost necessitates a team-up. But in Avengers Forever #12, the demon Mephisto proves he is far more ruthless than Thanos – and entirely without honor.


In current comics continuity, the entire Multiverse is threatened by the machinations of Mephisto, the Marvel Universe’s equivalent of Satan. The all-important God Quarry is under attack by an infinite number of demons, and the threat is so massive that three teams of Avengers are necessary to combat Mephisto: the 616 Avengers, the Multiversal Avengers and the Prehistoric Avengers. Together, they team up to stop Mephisto before he takes over the Avengers Tower between universes and combats the mysterious “Avenger Prime” (whose identity is still unknown).

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In Avengers Forever #12, written by Jason Aaron, Aaron Kuder, Mark Farmer & Frank Martin, Tony Stark (known as the Ant-Man in the Avengers Forever universe) realizes that the Mephisto army is attempting to dig underneath the Avengers Tower. Vision and Moon Knight assist him, but he’s ambushed by Mephisto who forces alcohol down his throat in a horrible torture. Tony (who has been sober for years) taunts Mephisto for attempting to tempt him, but that was never his real plan; Mephisto stabs Tony in the back with a broken bottle.

Mephisto Uses Thanos’ MCU Attack To Defeat Iron Man

Mephisto stabs Iron Man

Fans will immediately draw a parallel to the climactic moment in Avengers: Infinity War in which Thanos stabs Iron Man in the gut with a nanomachine-created knife. Unfortunately, Thanos failed to stop Iron Man for good because at his heart, Thanos has a twisted sense of nobility to his actions; in the film, he only kills those who are in his way and cannot be removed by any other means (he sees himself as a hero, after all). By contrast, Mephisto, were he in Thanos’ place, would have killed Stark because he is unashamedly evil. This is the same character who robbed Spider-Man of his marriage simply to torture two souls, and here he stabs Tony Stark in the back while the latter posed absolutely no threat to him at all.

It must be noted that while Mephisto has succeeded in fixing Thanos’ mistake in the films, Thanos did actually kill Iron Man in 1991’s Infinity Gauntlet. Granted, he killed half the universe to prove a point to Death, but it still caused the death of multiple Avengers at once, something Mephisto cannot boast. Thanos may be a threatening villain, but he rarely makes good on them; Mephisto, by contrast, fulfills his promises.

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Avengers Forever #12 is available now from Marvel Comics

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