Marvel Confirms Doctor Strange & Clea’s Big Difference as Sorcerer Supreme

Clea Strange & Doctor Strange

In a stunning reveal by Doom Supreme, Marvel has officially revealed the biggest difference between Doctor Strange and fellow Sorcerer Supreme Clea.

Warning! Mild spoilers for Avengers Assemble Alpha #1 ahead!The biggest difference between Doctor Strange and his official Sorcerer Supreme replacement Clea has been officially revealed by Marvel. Ever since Clea took Doctor Strange’s place as Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme following his death, fans have contemplated how the two have differed in their reign. One of the most common observations has been that Clea is way more R-rated than Strange with her more violent methods. She’s used to reaching for darker solutions to problems due to her tenure as the Dark Dimension’s Sorcerer Supreme. However, the true difference between the two has officially been revealed, and it gives an insightful look at who they are as characters.


In Avengers Assemble Alpha #1 by Jason Aaron, Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie and Alex Sinclair; Doom Supreme engages in an epic battle with Agamotto as he tries to bring an end to Doom’s multiversal tyranny. However, Doom doesn’t appear too impressed by the attempt and enlightens him on just how much chaos he’s created. He’s fought and defeated countless big Marvel threats and Sorcerers Supreme to the point where he doesn’t even recall how many he’s “flayed and minced.” However, he does tell Agamotto exactly what he does to them. As he holds onto his adversary with a tentacled horror, Doom mentions that should the sorcerer he defeats be “a Strange, I like to take the hands, one gnarled finger at a time.” However, if he faces “a Clea,” he’ll end up taking her heart. These may seem to be random parts of the body that he steals from his foes, but they actually hold massive significance.

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Doom Supreme’s Sorcerer Trophies Are Tied to Who Strange and Clea Are as People

Doom Supreme Mentions Sorcerer Supreme Trophies

The interesting thing about this reveal is that Doom Supreme isn’t choosing these trophies from Strange and Clea for no reason. The most obvious one is Doom’s decision to take Strange’s hands. The Doctor Strange story has been tied to his hands since the beginning. His origin revolves around him seeking a magical solution to fixing them after they were crushed in a car accident that left him unable to continue his work as a surgeon. However, it also represents his way of going about fighting his greatest foes. Strange is very tactical in his approach and sees things through every possibility before executing his strategy. This also gives him a stronger moral compass since he thinks before he takes action. This has led to him undergoing viable temporary truces for the greater good, including working with Doom himself in Secret Wars.

Clea, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. When Doom mentions that he takes her heart when he defeats one of her variants, this refers to the fact that she follows emotion over reason. This is best demonstrated in Strange #1 during her first big issue as Marvel’s new Sorcerer Supreme. When an anti-magic troop known as the Blasphemy Cartel begins decimating the Shrouded Bazaar, she’s quick to flat out murder them. This leads to some of the most horrific and grotesque images in any Doctor Strange story as these faceless Nobodies, as they’re called, are torn to shreds. Clea’s origins come from the Dark Dimension where she was the former Sorcerer Supreme and niece of the terrifying Dormammu. Violence is a common answer to her because of her upbringing, and Doom choosing her heart as his trophy is significant since it’s a symbol for her emotion-led battle strategy.

Doom’s choice of trophies from each Sorcerer Supreme just goes to show that Stephen and Clea are not as similar as people think. They may share a title, but they’re still different people with unique visions of how plans should be carried out and differing power levels that set them apart. It’s an amazing way for Marvel to visually show fans how Doctor Strange and Clea are different as well as give them new understanding for these two major characters in the magical side of the universe.

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Avengers Assemble Alpha #1 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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