Lionel Messi arrives at Barcelona airport after putting PSG deal


Lionel Messi arrives at Barcelona airport after striking PSG deal


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SIMON JONES: Paris Saint-Germain have reached agreement with Lionel Messi and his lawyers, with the 34-year-old now flying to Paris after catching a flight from Barcelona Airport (pictured on the plane with wife Antonella, right, and arriving at the airport with his kids, left). Sources at the French club confirmed Messi’s lawyers had been pouring over the contract proposal since Sunday but gave it their approval this morning. Messi is now travelling to the French capital for his medical and to sign a two-year deal worth £1million a week. A press conference is set to take place tomorrow at the Parc des Princes.

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31 thoughts on “Lionel Messi arrives at Barcelona airport after putting PSG deal

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