Kiersey Clemons Responds to The Flash Praise, Talks Ezra Miller

Kiersey Clemons Responds to The Flash Praise, Talks Ezra Miller

Actress Kiersey Clemons is set to star as Iris West in the upcoming DC film The Flash. During a recent red carpet appearance, Clemons spoke about James Gunn’s recent praise of the film and gave her thoughts about co-star Ezra Miller and their controversies last year.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter during an appearance for the premiere of her latest film, Somebody I Used to Know, Clemons was asked about Gunn’s comments about The Flash. Earlier this week, the new co-CEO of DC Studios praised the upcoming film, calling it “one of the greatest superhero movies ever made” as he talked about the future of the DC Universe. Clemons said she heard the praise, and also recounted how much fun she had while making the movie.

“I did, and he said very nice things … I had a great time. I’ve known Ezra for years and I loved working with Andy,” said Clemons. “Despite everything, we had a really great time filming and we did make a really great movie. I hope that despite [all the headlines], people really enjoy the movie because what James said is true. I believe what he said and I think it’s absolutely correct.”

Speaking of Miller, Clemons was then asked about the litany of controversies the star has gone through. While Clemons didn’t talk much about them, she did say that it had “absolutely” been tough to see Miller going through their issues, and that it’s been unfair to them to have go through such a thing so publicly.

” … What people forget is that a lot of people go through that but they don’t do it with the whole world watching,” Clemons said. “Although it comes with the territory, it’s really unfair and has been hard watching that.”

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