Kamli Collection Sustains Steady Climb

Kamli seems to be on a steady course, as far as its box office collection is concerned. The Khoosat Films venture is sustaining its climbing up the box office scale, and this is where numbers stand within its two-week run for the Saba Qamar-Hamza Khawaja starrer.

Kamli: Box Office Collection

Week 1: 2.05 crore

Week 2: 1.47 crore

Total: 3.52 crore


Despite major competition from foreign films, the very notion of which wreaked havoc in the recent past, Kamli has performed exceptionally well, and must now continue to uphold its upwards climb in the days to come.

A lot has been written and said about the film, its content, and the way it has proven that local audiences will gravitate towards quality content. The film is undoubtedly Sarmad Khoosat’s long-awaited comeback, but it’s also a great case study for filmmakers, and for all those who place their faith (and fortune) in local films. The audience seems to have spoken: if the content is intelligent, creative, and contains beautiful storytelling, people will pay to watch it.

Have you watched Kamli yet? What is your take on the film? Let us know in the comments.

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