Insta-review: Korean hot dogs

👋 Hey, Monica here with another review asking, “Is this restaurant about social media or the food?”

The place: Kong Dog is the latest in a string of Korean hot dog emporiums that opened last year, mostly in the suburbs, to fanfare and long lines.

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The main attraction: Pork or beef franks and mozzarella sticks that are batter fried and coated in ramen noodles, chocolate flakes, sweet potatoes, french fries, churros, Cheetos, and more.

The wait: On a weekday afternoon, I had my sweet potato dog ($6) and Cheeto dog ($6) in hand five minutes after ordering.

Insta-rating: These dogs can be tricky to photograph unless you line up three in a row for a nice, square shot. And some shy eaters may be hesitant to post selfies of wiener bites.

I am not one of those shy eaters. Photo: Monica Eng/Axios

Food rating: If you’ve got a soft spot for state fair foods, this place can make dreams of funnel cakes, french fries, and corn dogs mashed into one stick come true.

  • I am embarrassed to say how much I enjoyed the perfectly fried, half cheese–half frank sweet potato dog, though it was so rich I could only finish half.

Bottom line: Photos may be tricky, but for food, Kong Dog delivers state fair decadence without a long drive to Springfield.

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