Inner Wheel Club Trivandrum - Doctor's Day 2021 Honor Roll

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As we complete more than a year of being under the pandemic’s grip, let us take a moment to thank the frontline soldiers of this battle – the doctors who protect us against the virus. On Doctor’s Day 2021, we took a moment to thank them for all that they have been doing for us in these tough times.

Honor Roll:
Dr Amar S Fettle:
Dr Anil Sathyadas:
Dr Aravind R:
Dr Arunima:
Dr Bindu S:
Dr Kamala R:
Dr PB Meenakumari:
Dr Praveen KS:
Dr Priyasree J:
Prof Sanoop K Zachariah:
Dr Sreesankar M:

About us:
Inner Wheel is the world’s largest voluntary organization of women and the objects of Inner Wheel are True Friendship, Personal Service & International Understanding. Inner Wheel Club of Trivandrum (Charter No. 1259), which came into being on12 June 1967, is one of the oldest clubs in Inner Wheel District 321. Keeping in with the theme and goals of the parent organization, IWC of Trivandrum carries out various activities with main focus on women empowerment, health, women’s rights and environment.


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