In Defense Of Ahad And Sajal And Their Right To Privacy

Social media was set ablaze recently when after a string of rumors and hushed whispers, Sajal Aly removed “Ahad Mir” from her Instagram handle, reverting to her maiden name, Sajal Ali. This came at a time where speculations regarding the relationship between Ahad and Sajal had been circulating for quite some time.

The Arguments Made

Given that Ahad and Sajal had inarguably been a couple that amassed a thoroughly invested fan following, both as a collective, and individually, this became fodder for conversation within the digital realm (and otherwise).

However, amongst this conversation, one argument seemed to stay consistent – an argument presented by many within the entertainment industry. All these statements revolved around how Ahad and Sajal must be left alone to heal at such a trying, testing time.

Public Vs Private Life

One can state that being public figures, their lives are open for dissection and critique. However, one must stop and ponder: is it their art that one can limit critique to, or does the relationship between the audience and star burrow so deep that personal comments must be taken in stride by these public figures?

An artist is not a criminal presented in court before a judge and jury – unless they’ve committed heinous acts, in which case, accountability is a must. However, what are we holding Ahad and Sajal accountable for?

A Need For Reflection

In a world that is becoming increasingly virtual, many of us share our personal lives on social media as well. While we may not garner massive followings, or hold the level of influence that stars do, we are all, in many ways, presenting our lives to the general public. Must we then be held accountable for every falling out? Must our moments of joy be revisited then when clouds of gloom hover over us?

Entitlement is an incredibly legitimate ordeal that many stars, and now influencers, deal with. One can argue once again that should one decide to live their lives publicly, space must be held for opinions shared on that method of living. To that, one can counter – is the bar really that low?

Can we, as a collective, not measure levels of sensitivity, and hold back judgment at low moments of those who may be giants, but are still human? Are we really that desensitized to the complexities of human emotion?

The Art And The Artist

When a couple separates and chants of the ex-wife’s name ring out in front of the ex-husband in a foreign land while he is onstage, these questions must be asked: where does art end and the artist begin? How much of the artist is owed to the audience?

Choosing Sensitivity

Perhaps, paving a path to being a more sensitive consumer of any form of art is not the worst suggestion. Empathy is a key operative tool that must be inculcated in our minds as a whole, where we do not become triggers, or causes of pain to those who are, behind the glitz and glamor, individuals, much like us.

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