I Want GTA 6 To Purposefully Bring Back The Series’ Best Glitch

Two cars flying across Liberty City's skyline from Grand Theft Auto 4.

Grand Theft Auto 6 can showcase the best that the series has to offer, and that could potentially include a glitch that captured the hearts of fans.

Grand Theft Auto 6 can bring back plenty of things from older games, but one of the most unexpectedly welcome would be the return of a popular glitch from GTA 4. With how many explosive missions, chaotic stories, and exciting fights in Grand Theft Auto, an unintentional bug may seem like an odd thing to miss. Those who encountered this glitch likely remember it fondly, though.

Most of the widely-reported glitches in GTA titles have been those that have distinctly negative effects on the games. Issues such as the the ice cream factory save corruption in Vice City or San Andreas‘ Madd Dogg glitch can legitimately ruin save files. Those are the types of bugs that Grand Theft Auto 6 must avoid without question. On the other hand, harmless, amusing glitches are easier to accept and even appreciate.


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GTA 4’s Swingset Glitch Is Grand Theft Auto’s Best

The swingset glitch about to activate in Grand Theft Auto 4

In Grand Theft Auto 4, there are a few swingsets on the map that will interact oddly with the game’s physics when the player interacts with them. If the player drives a car into the swings in a specific way, it will result in a violent reaction and fling the player’s car away. Sometimes it will simply nudge the car a few feet away, while other times the car will be tossed far away. There are several videos of players documenting Niko and his car being launched several blocks after coming into contact with a swing set, with results more destructive than drunk driving in GTA 4. Even without a car, touching the swingset can send Niko flying away.

GTA 6 Should Recapture The Wild, Harmless Fun Of GTA 4’s Swingset Glitch

GTA Online GTA 4 Trick Glitch

Despite the often fatal end result, the hilarious nature of the glitch in Grand Theft Auto 4 led to it being embraced by fans rather than scorned. Part of this comes from the explosive effect of the glitch itself, as well as how it is spawned by a simple swingset. The biggest thing that makes the swingset glitch great is how fun it is. Players can easily take a break from the story to launch Niko from the swings for a while. In fact, one of the best arguments for the once-rumored GTA 4 remaster is the chance to let players fling Niko across Liberty City all over again.

Grand Theft Auto 5 featured something of a successor to the swingset glitch in the form of a few automated gates in the Richman neighborhood. This glitch was more difficult to trigger, but could produce similar effects to the famous swingset glitch. Considering how widely beloved the original swingset glitch was, it’s easy to wonder if a similar way to launch cars had been deliberately placed in GTA 5 for players to find. Whatever the case, that makes two games in a row with dramatic yet hilarious physics bugs. It’s not unfair to hope that somewhere among Grand Theft Auto 6‘s gameplay changes will be a successor to the swingset glitch.

The swingset glitch from Grand Theft Auto 4 embodies what makes GTA games fun. It is completely absurd and destructive, but players can toy around with it for hours to see what results they can get from it. Even if Grand Theft Auto 6 doesn’t have swingsets, hopefully it can replicate the effects of this famous glitch somewhere in-game.

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