How you can Know If a Lady is Seeking to Get Rid of You – You Will have to Know Those Earlier than It is Too Past due For You

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Do you know that a lot of guys out there are completely clueless when it comes to the matter of reading women? They don’t even know that a girl might be trying to avoid them and they feel the opposite. You see it’s extremely important to read their signs otherwise it might lead to a lot of embarrassment on your end. Read on to discover how you can read these clues and save yourself from a possible tantrum…….

Well I need to go to the washroom- If a girl says this to you in a bar or a public place then it’s more than obvious that she will go and never come back. This is a nice way of telling you that she doesn’t like you and wants to get rid of you as fast as possible. Therefore you should not stick around and wait for her seeming like a complete fool.

I have a boy friend- Now this is another tactic a lot of girls use to get rid of guys they just don’t seem to like. You see if she says that she has a boy friend when she is hanging in a bar all by herself then it’s more than obvious that she is trying to get rid of you and probably doesn’t like you.

She is paying more attention to her friends than to you- This is another strong signal that she is trying to get rid of you and she is doing it by giving you strong body language signs that she doesn’t like you. You see more or less she might have her back against you and she will be in conversation with her friends. Again this is more or less like telling you to go away and you will have to eventually if she completely avoids you and only talks to her friends on the side.

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