How To Unlock The Suzusaurus Minion In Final Fantasy XIV

Suzusaurus minion in Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy XIV Suzusaurus Minion is exclusive to homeowners that also belong to a Free Company guild. Here’s how players can unlock it.

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There are many exclusive and unique minions in Final Fantasy XIV. While many of them can be gained by standard activities, the rare Suzusaurus is only for those that have joined a Free Company. Members of such a guild can partake in Subaquatic voyages introduced back in Stormblood.

Because not all players have access to these underwater submarine activities, the Suzusaurus is worth a lot of Gil. Those that want to earn extra Final Fantasy XIV money may want to sell the minion on the open market boards. That also leaves the option for other rich players to purchase it without as much time or effort.

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How To Join a Free Company

The Suzusaurus Minion is part of the Free Company workshop.

Fully subscribed Final Fantasy XIV players can join a Free Company guild – this option is locked for those still on the unlimited free trial. The main means of finding a Free Company is via the official Community Finder. Players can filter between servers, goals, active hours, language, and members. Individual Free Company pages will include a mission statement from the leader, amount of recruitment slots, and potential images of the existing members. At the bottom of the recruitment page will be the leader’s profile, who can be further contacted in-game to join.

Creating a Free Company

Alternatively, players can create their own Final Fantasy XIV Free Company to skip over the application process. First, they must be level 25 in a combat job and progress the main story far enough to join a Grand Company. From there, one must speak to their OIC admin at the Grand Company’s headquarters. Next, the leader must find at least three other players to sign the application and become founding members. Finally, once at least four people have been recorded, the leader must pay the OIC 15,000 Gil to start the new Free Company.

Submarine Deployment

The Suzusaurus Minion is part of the Free Company workshop.

According to the Youtube account Bubbins, once joining or running a Free Company, the members must collectively purchase a house. This is done via the Final Fantasy XIV housing lottery, which has specific schedules to help prevent monopolies. Each lot varies in price, but players should expect to pay between 1.5-40 million Gil depending on size and location. This amount can be pooled by all Free Company members, but the leader must finalize the purchase by a set amount of time after the lottery or will forfeit the house.

Once a house is constructed, players will need to head to the basement Workshop. High-level 90 crafters will then need to build a Submersible with various materials, with higher successful missions per tier. The Free Company will also need to spend credits to acquire Cerium Tanks from the housing ward’s Resident Caretaker. All Final Fantasy XIV submarines will start at rank one but will gain levels as they go on each voyage. Finally, at rank 104, players can head to the Bloodbreak sector, which has a slight chance of yielding the Suzusaurus minion.

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