How to Get Vanadinite in Final Fantasy XIV

Vanadinite Sprite Art in Final Fantasy XIV

Vanadinite is a resource that Final Fantasy XIV Disciples of the Hand will need to forge an ingot used in many recipes for endgame gear.

If Warriors of Light are looking to craft some of the best high-end tools, weapons, and armor sets in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, they will need a valuable resource known as Vanadinite. This dark red mineral is said to be “rich in vanadium and exclusively produced in Thavnair,” meaning that it is not harvested from the open-world zones of Ilsabard but instead created in a mineral plant. Accordingly, Disciples of the Hand will need this synthetic crystal to forge Ilmenite Ingots, a metal used in crafting equipment from the Indagator’s Crafter Tools Set, the Rinascita Armor and Accessory Sets, and the Rinascita Weapon Set.


As noted above, Vanadinite cannot be mined from a mineral node in Final Fantasy XIV; instead, the only way for players to procure this resource is by purchasing it from Cihanti. Cihanti is an Au Ra Merchant who operates the Tomestone Exchange in Radz-at-Han.

She sells Vanadinite for Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy ×20 each; the offer can be found in the “Allagan Tomestone of Astronomy (Other)” section of her wares. Keep in mind that her stock of goods only becomes accessible after Warriors of Light have completed the entire base expansion of Endwalker.

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Procuring Vanadinite in FFXIV

Cihanti Map Location in Radz-at-Han of FFXIV

For those who need directions to Cihanti’s stall, YouTuber PanyapiN Gaming has shown via gameplay that the Tomestone Exchange in Radz-at-Han is located within the West Balshahn Bazaar of Artha at the coordinates (X: 10.8 Y: 10.4). For reference, she stands within the same stall as Khaldeen, the NPC Vendor who performs Augmentations for Radiant’s Gear and Lunar Envoy’s Gear. The Vanadinite that Cihanti sells can also be traded amongst players, meaning that users might also be able to find deals on their server’s Market Board in exchange for Gil in FFXIV. For instance, on Server: Exodus, 6,060 Gil is the average price of a single cluster of Vanadinite. Nevertheless, sales will vary depending on region and server.

Every Ilmenite Ingot requires two Vanadinite to craft in FFXIV. Therefore, if players do not wish to spend an average of 12,000 Gil per ingot, they will need to procure a sufficient number of Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy to do business with Cihanti. According to the comments in a Reddit post by u/Deathbywii, many users agree that one of the best and fastest methods for farming Astronomy Tomestones is Hunt Trains. These player-formed parties hunt down Hunt Targets as an organized group. Accordingly, players are encouraged to find and join Hunt Trains in their server to quickly farm FFXIV Tomestones for Vanadinite.

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Source: YouTube/PanyapiN Gaming | FFXIVMB | Reddit/r/ffxiv

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