How to Get (& Use) Second Seals in Fire Emblem Engage

Characters Changing Seals in Fire Emblem Engage

Second Seals are a key way to advance and customize Units in Fire Emblem Engage, changing their base class and letting them get higher stats.

Second Seals add a lot of variety to the tactical gameplay in Fire Emblem Engage. Unlike Master Seals, which allow players to promote level 10 units to advance class, Second Seals change the Unit’s base class. This can be used intuitively to change a unit’s role or as an exploit for more stats and experience on a unit.

It makes sense in Fire Emblem Engage to Promote a Unit to an Advanced Class, but changing a unit’s base Class is just as valuable. For example, a unit might have a valuable skill that does not work well with the current Base Class, or there might be a hole in the player’s formation that they need to fill. The class change from a Second Seal fills the expected role here, changing the Unit’s class and setting their experience to 0 and level 1. It does not alter a Unit’s stats other than specific bonuses tied to their class. So a player could take a level 20 Unit, who has fully leveled and won’t get any stats and reset them to square one, allowing a power-house unit to keep growing and getting stronger.


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Where To Find Second Seals in Fire Emblem Engage

Buying Second Seals from the Item Shop in Fire Emblem Engage

Like getting Master Seals for Advanced Classes, Second Seals can be found in one of three ways throughout Fire Emblem Engage. The first is by looting them from the Treasure Chests that appear during the battle phases of each Chapter. The second is to complete Paralogue side quests, which have a chance to reward Second Seals. The third method is purchasing seals from the Item Shop after it becomes available in Somniel after Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom. The shop’s also a great place to stock up on other useful items like Tonics, Vulneraries, and Gifts.

Second Seals won’t appear in the Item Shop right away, however. According to Game8, starting from Chapter 13: Heroes of the Oasis, the Item Shop will sell one Second Seal for 2,500 Gold and restock it at Chapter 17: Serenity in Ruin and at the beginning of Chapter 18: The Cold Voyage. Players should also upgrade weapons in Fire Emblem Engage and boost their Units’ weapon proficiencies, as what classes they can be changed into do depend on proficiency.

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Source: Game8 | YouTube/Nintendo of America

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