How To Get The Trustee Scout Rifle (& God Roll)

The Trustee Scout Rile in Destiny 2's showcase screen

Trustee is a Solar Scout Rifle in Destiny 2 that can be earned and crafted. This weapon received updated Perks with the Deep Stone Crypt rework.

Trustee is a Legendary Scout Rifle that was added in Destiny 2 with the introduction of the Deep Stone Crypt Raid. This activity first became available in the Beyond Light expansion. Guardians have had since 2020 to acquire these excellent Raid weapons. Deep Stone Crypt has received an update in Season of the Seraph, adding new Perks and an exclusive Origin Trait to these guns. Trustee has become a fantastic choice for any player looking to use a Solar Scout Rifle. While challenging a Raid can be daunting to some, Guardians will not need to fully complete the activity to earn the weapon.


The Trustee is a Rapid Frame Scout Rifle that excels at adding Clear from a safe distance. This type of Scout Rifle in Destiny 2 has deeper ammo reserves, fires quickly, and reloads faster when the weapon is empty. The God Roll for Trustee takes advantage of these precise rapid-fire shots to dispatch a group of enemies quickly. Along with the updated Perk pool for the Deep Stone Crypt weapons, each gun can now be crafted at The Enclave. This allows Guardians to target the perfect roll for PvP and PvE content. However, players must collect five Deepsight versions of a weapon to earn the Pattern. This may take quite a few runs of Deep Stone Crypt to gather each copy. Luckily, acquiring the Trustee is a much easier task.

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How To Earn The Trustee (& God Roll) In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Trustee God Roll Perks Traits

Trustee only drops from the Security Raid encounter in Destiny 2. This occurs after the Sparrow portion of the activity and is the first part of Deep Stone Crypt. Fortunately, this encounter does not contain a boss. The mechanics are also fairly simple, requiring that Guardians use the Scanner and Operator buff to make six fuses vulnerable. Players must shoot and destroy these fuses in the order that the Operator calls out to end the encounter. The first few times may take a while to memorize the mechanics, but the Security encounter quickly becomes one of the easiest sections of the Raid. The chest has a chance to award Guardians with the Trustee Scout Rifle. The God Roll in Destiny 2 for the Trustee can be found below:



Trait 1

Trait 2

Arrowhead Break

Accurized Rounds

Rapid Hit


Trustee benefits from consistent precision hit, requiring vertical recoil on the weapon. Arrowhead Break is the ideal Barrel choice to significantly control recoil and increase handling speed, while Accurized Rounds increases range. Rapid Hit is an incredible Perk for Trustee because rapid precision hits stacks a buff up to 5 times. This progressively increases stability up to 25 and reload speed up to 60. The last Perk is the most important for adding clear. Incandescent spreads Scorch stacks to nearby foes when an enemy is killed. Enough stacks cause Ignition explosions. Guardians looking for a reliable Solar Scout Rifle should get the Trustee in Destiny 2.

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