How to Get The Golden Potion

Goldem Potion with different Disney characters from Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Festival of Friendship update finally gives players a use for the Golden Potato, and it somehow becomes a Golden Potion.

Gleaming Golden Potion is a craftable item in the simulation adventure game Disney Dreamlight Valley. This title contains countless secrets for players to discover as they unlock the game’s biomes and scour its caves. However, during one of the updates last October, players who typed in the code that appeared in an image were left with a perplexing Golden Potato.

After the Golden Potato made a very confusing appearance during Dreamlight Valley‘s Halloween event, many players are likely confused about what to do with it. However, players can now use this Golden Potato thanks to the game’s latest Festival of Friendship update. After much bewilderment, it was finally discovered that this item could be transformed into several items, including the mysterious Golden Potion.

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How To Get The Gleaming Golden Potion In Dreamlight Valley

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To obtain the Gleaming Golden Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must first ensure they have the mysterious Potato in their inventory. Next, players will need to open their in-game menu, then select the ‘Settings’ tab in the top-right to unlock the Golden Potato in Dreamlight Valley. Next, under ‘Help‘ in the left-hand sidebar, players will see the ‘Import Avatar’ button, where they can enter a code to spawn a certain object in-game.

Type “GPOT-OATO-LDFS-ENNM and hit ‘Claim’ to get the Golden Potato

With the Golden Potato now in hand, Disney Dreamlight Valley players can make their way to Merlin’s House in the Peaceful Meadow. On Merlin’s desk, players will find an open book that shows a Potato on the left page and numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the right page. Even with Merlin changed into his festive clothes, these numbers indicate that players will need to find four Transfiguration Stones.

To track down the first Transfiguration Stone in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must head to the Dazzle Beach Cave. After heading two floors down, players will find a stone altar. Once players have placed their Golden Potato onto this altar, it will transform into a Golden Carrot.

Players must travel to Elsa’s Cave in the Forest of Valor to discover the second Transfiguration Stone. Once inside, this Stone can be found on the table inside Elsa’s cave in Dreamlight Valley; players need to place the Golden Carrot on the Stone, transforming it into a Golden Crab.

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To find the third Transfiguration Stone, players will need to venture to Dream Castle. Players can make their way to the top of the stairs toward the fountain within the castle walls. Here, they can find the stone on the left side of the balcony top rail. After placing the Golden Crab onto this Stone, it will be transformed into a Golden Night Thorn.

For the final Transfiguration Stone in Dreamlight Valley, players can head back to the House of Merlin, where they can find it next to the original open book depicting the Potato. Placing the Night Thorn onto this Stone allows players to transform it into a Gleaming Golden Potion, whose purpose remains a mystery. Unfortunately, while the latest update in Disney Dreamlight Valley solves the mystery of the Golden Potato, it also leaves players perplexed by the mystery of the Golden Potion.

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