How to Get Moonshine Brine in Final Fantasy XIV

Moonshine Brine Sprite Art in Final Fantasy XIV

To get Moonshine Brine in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, Warriors of Light must participate in an end-game Pandæmonium Raid for specific drops.

Moonshine Brine is a potent alchemic reagent in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker primarily used in Lunar Envoy’s Gear Augmentation, an equipment enhancement process conducted by Khaldeen operating the Gear Exchange in Radz-at-Han. This luminous substance is stated to be “produced at the High Crucible of Al-Kimiya,” indicating that it is an inorganic resource that cannot be harvested from any mineral or plant nodes across the Ilsabard. Instead, the only way to acquire this valuable brine is through doing business within the Balshahn Bazaar, the same marketplace where players can find Khaldeen in Radz-at-Han of Endwalker.


Final Fantasy XIV Warriors of Light can procure Moonshine Brine from Djole, a Viera Merchant who runs the Pandaemonium Relic Exchange in the Balshahn Bazaar. She will exchange a vial of the brine for four volumes of the Abyssos Mythos III.

Copies of this mystical record can be acquired from the Level 90 Raid, Abyssos: The Seventh Circle (Savage). Players must achieve an Item Level of 610 to participate in this challenging Full-Party instance. A copy of the Abyssos Mythos III tome is a guaranteed drop, but it is possible to receive a bottle of Moonshine Brine from the Raid’s Treasure Coffer 2.

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Where To Find Moonshine Brine in FFXIV

Djole Map Location in Radz-at-Han of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

According to YouTuber PanyapiN Gaming, Djole can be found at the coordinates (X: 10.3, Y: 9.7) within the Radz-at-Han zone of Endwalker. It should be noted that Djole is not the only FFXIV merchant that offers Moonshine Brine in their wares. Mylenie, an Elezen in Labyrinthos at (X: 8.3, Y: 27.6), also operates a Pandaemonium Relic Exchange within the region. Her rates are identical to Djole’s, exchanging four copies of Abyssos Mythos III for a single bottle of Moonshine Brine. The brine and Mythos tomes have the characteristic “Unsellable Market Prohibited.” This indicates that the Abyssos: The Seventh Circle (Savage) and its drops are the only way to get Moonshine Brine in FFXIV.

Experienced users at Fanbyte have stated that FFXIV players must roll Need or Greed on Moonshine Brine since it serves as a non-shared drop among Raid members. Therefore, if users are unlucky with their rolls, their only means of acquiring the brine might be through farming FFXIV‘s guaranteed Abyssos Mythos III copies in the Abyssos: The Seventh Circle (Savage) Raid. Once players have enough Moonshine Brine in FFXIV, they can visit Khaldeen for augmentations; his shop can be found at the coordinates (X: 10.8, Y: 10.4) in Radz-at-Han, slightly south of Djole’s stall.

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Source: YouTube/PanyapiN Gaming | Fanbyte

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