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One of the best ways to get Concrete in Fallout 76 is by farming Bags of Concrete, which can reliably be found at specific locations on the world map.

If Vault Dwellers are endeavoring to expand their base camp with platforms, building foundations, water pumps, and other structural equipment in Fallout 76, they will need to procure a moderate amount of Concrete. This crafting component can be acquired from multiple sources across post-apocalyptic Appalachia, West Virginia. These sources include Bags of Cement, Blue Garden Gnomes, Broken Garden Gnomes, Concrete Scraps, Red Garden Gnomes, and Bulk Concrete, which is fifteen units of Concrete Scraps combined into a single stack. All these items can be taken to a Workbench, where they can be scrapped into materials, such as Concrete blocks.


Concrete can be found throughout the open world of Appalachia in Fallout 76, but if Vault Dwellers are looking to farm this crafting component, they will need to search specific areas on the map. One such location is the Abandoned Bog Town, a landmark slightly west of Pylon V-13 and far north of the town of Watoga.

Here, players will find several blocks of raw Concrete but not an abundance of Bags of Cement. To find the cement, adventurers must first go up the fire exit stairwells in the alleyway between the two primary buildings.

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Best Locations to Farm Concrete in Fallout 76

Finding Bags of Cement on the Monorail Elevator and within Abandoned Bog Town in Fallout 76

After reaching the rooftop of the largest building in Abandoned Bog Town, YouTuber Shr1m has directed players to drop into the elevator shaft and go down two floors. If players investigate the area near the hole in the wall, the room’s worktable, and the shelves, they will find around eight Bags of Cement to scrap into the Concrete resource in Fallout 76. Additionally, adventurers can drop to the next floor below to find four more bags by the elevator shaft, which means that the Abandoned Bog Town has around a dozen Bags of Cement.

The second-best location in Fallout 76 to find Concrete in Bags of Cement would be the towering Monorail Elevator, west of Watoga and Fort Defiance. Vault Dwellers can take the active elevator to the top portion of the structure to discover around ten Bags of Cement. Be careful while traversing the top areas, as there is no guard railing to prevent explorers from falling. If players still need additional Concrete, Shr1m suggests visiting Site Charlie, west of the Spruce Knob Campground. If players check the small decorative stockpile of supplies near one of the warehouses, they will find around eight Bags of Cement lying on the ground. However, be mindful of the territorial Feral Ghoul monsters in Fallout 76 guarding the location.

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