How To Fuse New Personas In Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden Igor Performing Cross Fusion

Fusion in Persona 4 Golden is the process by which players can get newer, stronger Persona, and the straightforward process has a lot of depth.

Finding and collecting the titular Personas in Persona 4 Golden is one of the game’s core features, and the Fusion system is a key part of it. The player starts with six slots to equip Personas for combat, and this number will grow to twelve as they level up, but Personas and their stats do not scale with the gameplay. Newer, more powerful Personas are will be needed throughout the game.

To not fall behind in Persona 4 Golden‘s combat, players will need to fuse Persona together. This can be done by talking to Igor inside the Velvet Room. The player selects two or more of their Persona, Igor will fuse them together, and produce a new one of a higher level, generally. Simple and straightforward, but with a lot of hidden depth.


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Persona Fusion In Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden Velvet Room Without Margaret or Igor, Room for Fusing Persona

There are three key features to keep in mind with Fusion in Persona 4 Golden. The first is that the Persona Compendium allows players to summon copies of registered Personas, even if they’ve been fused. The second is that fused Personas inherit some of the skills of their ‘parents,’ meaning rare skills make for valuable fusion material. The third is that the most powerful Personas come from fusion, not maximizing Social Links in Persona 4 Golden.

A Fusion’s strength typically scales with the number of Personas used to create it. Hexagonal Fusion (using six Personas) generally produces much more powerful results than Normal Fusion (two Personas). However, the result is much more unpredictable. To help the player figure out what fusions they might get, the game provides a search function that allows the player to work backwards, seeing if they can get a certain Persona out of the ones currently in their inventory. There’s also the Fusion Forecast, which tells the player what bonuses their new Fusions will get after the process.

Players who want to complete their Persona collections, or to beat the Reaper, the toughest Boss in Persona 4 Golden, will need the Persona that comes from the higher fusions. This means a lot of fodder Personas are needed, as Pentagonal and Hexagonal Fusions require five and six starter Personas for every fusion. To get that much fodder in Persona 4 Golden, players will need a bunch from post-battle Shuffle Times and compendium summons.

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