How to Find (& Use) Healing Potions

A healing draught found in Forspoken

In Forspoken, protagonist Frey finds herself in a world not her own battling for her life, and she may need a little healing to get her through it.

In Forspoken, the main character Frey finds herself in the land of Athia, where she must fight many battles in order to save others and find her own way home. During these battles, Frey will undoubtedly take some damage, leading to a need for her to heal.

Forspoken is one of the first big titles of 2023 and the first few chapters of the game have Frey figuring out how to leave New York, but when she does, it’s through a portal to Athia. Athia is another world with a medieval-fantasy aesthetic, although it is being overcome by corruption. Frey finds herself mistrusted and unable to get home. Her only hope now is to find someone who can reopen the portal to her home.


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Healing in Forspoken

Using a crafting table for a healing draught in Forspoken

In New York, Frey will mainly deal with her enemies by running away from them. The game does not give her an opportunity to heal at that point. However, nearly immediately upon entering Athia, Frey will be able to pick up a Healing Draught when she fights a hyena-like creature for the first time. These are the main healing items in the game and can usually be found scattered around the landscape.

Use Forspoken’s magic parkour system to check walls, rails, and corners for Healing Draughts. Forspoken will prompt the player to use the Healing Draught, as well as the control, if Frey falls below a certain level of health. On PS5, tapping down on the D-pad will activate a Healing Draught.

If Frey is struggling to find healing, tapping up on the D-pad will cause Vambrace to scan the area for enemies and items. An item icon is a good bet for a Healing Draught, among other useful items. There are also a number of abilities that Frey can use to heal, but Healing Draughts are the best way to do so. Later on, Healing Draughts will become craftable. After Frey begins her escape from Cipal, Olevia will show her the way out of the city.

On the way, she will stop by a table that she shows Frey how to use. This is a crafting table, one place to craft new items in Forspoken. At this point, Frey will learn how to craft Healing Draughts. They are fairly easy to make, only requiring 2 Balm Flax. Frey can also upgrade how many Healing Draughts she can carry at a time, but she starts with a maximum of six.

Keeping Frey alive will allow her to venture out, rescue others, increase her abilities, and search for a way to return home. Along the way, she will find some surprises, and she will start to slowly learn to trust others. Being able to heal and fight through battles will help her overcome any enemy Forspoken sends her way, including the mysterious Tantas.

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    From the team behind Final Fantasy XV comes Forspoken, a new open-world action RPG with a heavy emphasis on magical-oriented combat.  Frey Holland, a woman who is spirited away from her home in New York City, awakens in Athia where she is bestowed with a magical talking cuff that grants her powerful spells and incredible mobility. Together, the two will battle across the mystical world to fight against the tyrannical rulers of Athia and help Frey find her way home. 


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