How to Find Gothita Eyelashes

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gothorita and Gothita Eyelash Dropped Item with Paldea Region in Background

An important crafting material used to make TM’s in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, Gothita Eyelashes are found off rare wild Pokémon outside a Paldea town.

Technical Machines (TM’s) are essential components of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet that can be crafted through items such as Gothita Eyelashes, a unique drop from the Pokémon Gothita and its evolution Gothorita. An elusive Psychic-type in the Paldea Region, Gothita and its first transformation Gothorita appear in the urban regions of the open world, giving players a chance to add these rare creatures to their team or defeat them in battle. Although the final form of Gothita, Gothitelle, cannot be found in the wild, players searching for items to craft TM’s do not need to worry about fully evolving these pocket monsters.


Players can acquire Gothita Eyelashes by defeating Gothita or Gothorita in wild encounters, which usually yield between 1-3 of the desired item. Despite the rarity of the wild Pokémon, only two Technical Machines require a Gothita Eyelash as part of their crafting ingredients. Gothita and Gothorita roam around the outskirts of Zapapico Town, around the western border of Area Three’s Eastern Province. Home to other evolutionary items for Charcadet in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, players will naturally progress to this area as part of the three major quests they are tasked with.

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Where To Find Gothita Eyelashes in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gothita Pokedex Entry Format That Does Not Mention Item Dropped By Wild Pokemon

With only one section of Paldea that Gothita and Gothorita spawn, players might struggle to explore for these elusive Pokémon. According to the Youtube channel GosuNoob, some Gothita Eyelashes are found on the ground in addition to those collected after a battle, these are few and far between and only provide a single item. Players may use auto-battle to speed up the number of encounters they find outside Zapapico Town, increasing their chances of running into Gothita or its evolved form. Capturing Gothita in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet gives another opportunity to get the material while adding to the number of Pokémon the player has acquired in their Pokédex.

Each of the TM’s the Gothita Eyelashes produces are significant for players who enjoy manipulating the statistics of their Pokémon or changing the battle method drastically. Stored Power is one such TM constructed, which does more damage when a Pokémon’s stats have been bolstered through moves such as Swords Dance or Agility. The other TM, Trick Room, reverses the priority of whose move comes out first, switching from the fastest Pokémon to the slowest. An excellent move for players that uses a roster composed of bulky Pokémon with low speeds like Oinkologne in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, these crafted tools incentive players to find Gothita Eyelashes even more to compose the best team possible for competition with Gym Leaders or other ambitious trainers.

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Source: Youtube/GosuNoob

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