How To Farm More Gloss in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

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Gloss is a currency in Marvel’s Midnight Suns that can buy Abbey customizations, character skins, and gifts. It’s also easy to farm through missions.

Gloss sounds like a fancy crafting material, but in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, it’s actually a form of currency. Players can spend Gloss on character customization (such as different skins) and gifts, which can increase Friendship Levels with different heroes. Gifts are considered the more important use for Gloss. As one of three currencies, it can be confusing to figure out how to farm Gloss. Luckily, it is easy to collect.

By far the easiest way to get Gloss and therefore buy the best gifts in Midnight Suns is through completing Missions. The better a Mission goes, the more stars a player earns at the end. The amount of Gloss a player is rewarded after a Mission depends on how many stars they earned.


Players can increase their stars by completing all Mission objectives, winning in as few rounds as possible, and avoiding character death.

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Easy Gloss Farms in Midnight Suns

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If players find they aren’t getting enough Gloss, they can try increasing the difficulty of the game. While this might not be possible for some players, the toughest difficulty has a 175% Gloss bonus during Missions. This makes it much easier to collect cool skins like those featured in Midnight Suns‘ first Season Pass, so long as they can rise to the challenge. Other difficulties still have high Gloss bonuses, such as 150% or 125%.

Another key way to get Gloss is through exploration of the Abbey. Two glowing orbs spawn twice a day somewhere within the Abbey. Collecting these orbs gives a small reward, which may consist of Gloss. Orbs typically spawn in the war room, forge, library, or common room. Orbs can also reward credits and various types of essence, so they’re a simple and useful way to earn currency without hard work.

Gloss can also be found in Arcane Chests throughout the Abbey, which require Arcane Keys to unlock. The higher the player’s Arcane Knowledge, the more loot they can get from an Arcane Chest, meaning more Gloss for customization and gifts. Arcane Chests even hold unique character costumes! Lastly, players can pet the Hunter’s hellhound Charlie for a few extra Gloss.

In order to customize other heroes, players must find the customization menu in the Hero section of their main menu. This will display all available outfits for all characters. To better customize the Hunter and their room, players can interact with the Hunter’s Closet in their room. Lastly, players can buy special gifts from the gift shop to further improve Friendship Levels in Midnight Suns. Collecting Gloss is a simple process with a lot of value.

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