How To Complete Should You Choose To Accept It, Part 4

The Revision Zero Catalyst in Destiny 2

To unlock the final Catalyst of the Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2, Guardians must complete Part 4 of Should You Choose To Accept It.

After Guardians have completed Week 7 of the “More Than A Weapon” seasonal quest in Destiny 2: Season of the Seraph, they will gain access to Part 4 of the quest, “Should You Choose To Accept It.” This optional side mission involves quest participants completing seven steps to earn the fourth and final Catalyst of the Exotic Pulse Rifle, Revision Zero. Players can accept Part 4 from Rasputin at the Exo Frame within the H.E.L.M. location directly after completing Week 7 of the main story quest for Season of the Seraph. Because there is no downtime between these two questlines, Guardians are encouraged to continue questing after retrieving the Warmind data for Rasputin.


Step 1 for Part 4 of the Should You Choose To Accept It” quest in Season of the Seraph requires Guardians to complete “Operation: Diocles,” which can be accessed via the map of the H.E.L.M. For reference, Guardians must open the in-game map and choose the activity on the bottom left, “Warmind Launch Facility.”

After landing, players must cautiously make their way across the wintry wasteland and use the large boulders to avoid being attacked by the surrounding guard towers.

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How To Clear ‘Should You Choose To Accept It’ Part 4 in Destiny 2

Finding the Final Dead Exo in Should You Choose To Accept It Part 4 of Destiny 2

After Guardians have successfully infiltrated the Launch Control Facility in “Should You Choose To Accept It” Part 4, they must download the quest’s Cipher at a terminal. Once this step has been fulfilled, players must then head to Cosmodrome for further instructions. The mission’s objectives will update, and Guardians will be tasked with defeating several waves of enemies while they progress to 100% with the Index. Gamepur recommends that players focus on slaying opponents that drop needed resources or mobs connected to particular seasonal challenges in Destiny 2.

Once the enemies have been defeated during Step 3 of “Should You Choose To Accept It” Part 4, Destiny 2 content creator Esoterickk states that Guardians must travel to the Dead Drop Exodus Garden 2A near the bottom of the map and upload the Cipher collected from the Launch Control Facility. Once this task has been fulfilled, players must launch “Operation: Seraph’s Shield” on Legend Difficulty. The Dead Exo that Guardians are searching for can be found in a small room after the first boss encounter in the Ketch. After uploading the Virus, players must visit a Weapons Expert to complete “Should You Choose To Accept It.” Finally, Guardian Esoterickk states that speaking with Banshee-44 in The Tower will conclude the quest in Destiny 2.

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