How to Catch Ditto (December 2022)

Ditto with a Santa Hat in Pokémon GO

Finding Ditto in December 2022 of Pokémon GO requires Trainers to know the eleven pocket monsters that make up Ditto’s current transformation pool.

An excellent holiday treat for many newcomers or veteran Trainers in Pokémon GO would undoubtedly be to catch the elusive Ditto, the well-known Transform Pokémon capable of becoming any pocket monster opponent. Fortunately, this transformation ability does not apply to all pocket monsters in Pokémon GO, as it likely would be absolute chaos dealing with the RNG of every catch to find Ditto. Instead, Ditto’s shapeshifting ability only applies to a small rotating pool of Pokémon, which changes as time passes. In other words, if Trainers ever encounter one of the pocket monsters in this pool, there is a slight chance they might have found a rare Ditto.


To catch Ditto in December 2022 of Pokémon GO, Trainers must keep an eye out for the following pocket monsters: Ekans, Gastly, Spinarak, Natu, Surskit, Numel, Bidoof, Finneon, Lillipup, Dwebble, and Swirlix. Accordingly, if players ever see one of these Wild creatures out roaming the AR realm, it might be a good idea to catch it for a chance to get Ditto. But, of course, it is not easy to know if one of these is the purple Transform Pokémon since its true identity is always concealed until captured with a Poké Ball.

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Finding Ditto in December 2022 of Pokémon GO

Catching Ditto in December 2022 of Pokémon GO

According to Sportskeeda, one small hint Pokémon GO provides regarding whether a Wild Pokémon is Ditto is that its CP is notably lower than one might expect. Such an observation is often quite challenging to notice, but it is possible that the Combat Power could give away Ditto’s disguise. For instance, if a high-level Trainer is exploring the AR world and encounters the Psychic- and Flying-type Natu in Pokémon GO, this pocket monster can have up to 1,246 CP. However, if Natu’s CP is at an unusual value of 43 CP, it is possible the individual has encountered a Ditto in Pokémon GO. This example is quite ambiguous, but it is a potential hint that Trainers should keep an eye out for.

It is also possible for Trainers to encounter a Shiny Ditto in December 2022. While the standard iconic version is purple, the Shiny variant has a bright blue hue. Like any Shiny variation, this version of Ditto is extremely rare, meaning that only a handful of Trainers will encounter one every few months or even years. Nevertheless, there is no telling if a Ditto or Shiny Ditto will show up at players’ doorsteps for the holiday season. As noted above, keep watch for the eleven pocket monsters within Ditto’s possible transformation pool in Pokémon GO for a chance to catch this rare Transform Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

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