How Chicago Fire Season 11 Sets Up Severide’s Permanent Departure

Chicago fire season 11 Severide and stella

Chicago Fire’s Kelly Severide will be missing a few shifts at Firehouse 51, but the reason for his absence could also lead to his permanent departure.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Chicago Fire season 11.Chicago Fire season 11’s explanation for Kelly Severide’s absence could also be a set-up for his permanent departure from the show. One Chicago’s flagship series is not new to losing cast members, but Taylor Kinney’s exit is a special case. Not only is it abrupt, it is also temporary at present. Since Severide’s exit is happening in the middle of Chicago Fire season 11, NBC and Wolf Entertainment have been forced to rewrite the rest of the year and find a way to explain Severide’s absence from Firehouse 51.


The One Chicago franchise has already lost some notable faces this year. Chicago Med said goodbye to Dr. Ethan Choi, while Chicago PD lost Jay Halstead. Chicago Fire was expected to keep its ensemble intact, at least for the rest of season 11, following the departure of Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey in season 10. Not having Severide around Firehouse 51 is definitely odd, but there is solace in knowing that this is only a temporary situation. However, Chicago Fire may have also paved the way for Taylor Kinney to leave permanently.

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Chicago Fire’s Explanation For Severide’s Absence Hints At A Permanent Exit

Tyler Kinney as Severide in Chicago Fire

In the Chicago Fire season 11 episode “Damage Control,” it is revealed that Severide was sent to an OFI training camp at the last minute, hence his sudden absence. At this point, the character has already left, leaving Stella Kidd alone in their apartment and Squad 3 with Joe Cruz as interim lieutenant. Severide’s fire cop abilities have long been a feature of the Dick Wolf TV show, however, it is odd that someone outside OFI is given the opportunity of a lifetime to attend the exclusive camp. If Kinney decides to permanently leave, Chicago Fire can use his ties to arson investigation as a way to write him out.

Not wanting to step on Chief Boden’s toes, OFI commander Tom Van Meter drops by Firehouse 51 to straighten things out. While Boden is unhappy about losing his squad lieutenant at the last minute, Van Meter makes a perfect point: Severide could have declined the invitation, but did not. This emphasizes his passion for arson investigation, and it helps that Severide is actually good at it. Severide deciding to join OFI could be the best way to write him out of the show if Kinney changes his mind and wants to leave Chicago Fire for good.

Severide Joining OFI Can Solve A Chicago Fire Season 11 Kidd Problem

Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd and Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide in Chicago Fire season 10 finale

Strangely, Severide leaving Chicago Fire could actually be good for the show. In particular, it could solve one of the key issues that Severide and Kidd have had in Chicago Fire season 11. After Kidd’s near-death experience, she became more cautious with her decisions while on call. This has caused conflict between the newlyweds, as Severide argues that he cannot do his job if she looms over him. Kidd floats the idea that it may be best for them not to work together, and while they find a way to move forward from the conflict, it is an issue that remains unresolved. Severide moving to OFI could be the solution.

Chicago Fire season 11 airs Wednesdays on NBC.

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