Horizon Co-op Game Confirmed, Will Have ‘Stylized Look’

Horizon Co-op Game Confirmed, Will Have 'Stylized Look'

A report from October alleged that a cooperative game in the Horizon series was in the works. Guerrilla Games has now confirmed that an “online project” is in development after some job listings came online that revealed more about the multiplayer title in question.

As spotted by content creator JorRaptor, a slew of job listings went live on Guerrilla’s website. Many of these posts point to an online game and have “online project” right in the job title’s headline. The Senior Character Combat Designer position, for example, asks for the applicant to be able to “design unique abilities that are exciting to execute, offer tactical choices, and create cooperative opportunities, for multiple player characters.”

And while those listings undoubtedly confirm that Guerrilla is making something related to multiplayer, the studio itself tweeted more directly about it. A “new internal team” within Guerrilla is making an “online project set in Horizon’s universe” (as well as new solo adventures with Aloy) according to the tweet. It’ll also have a new array of characters and, more surprisingly, a “unique stylized look.”

A stylized look is new for Guerrilla, as all of the team’s games from Shellshock: Nam ’67 to Killzone to Horizon have all had more realistic art styles. Horizon Zero Dawn was also going to initially have cooperative multiplayer, as noted by a Noclip interview from 2018 and leaked concept art from 2014.

Guerrilla didn’t share additional details, and it’s unclear when more will come out. These listings also don’t point to the alleged remake or remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn that was included in that initial batch of reports regarding the multiplayer game. And, as noted by Video Games Chronicle and reported on by South Korean outlet MTN, Sony and NCSoft have reportedly struck a deal to make a Horizon MMO, but this Guerrilla project is likely unrelated to that.

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