Hogwarts Legacy PS5, Xbox Series X|S Graphics Modes & Accessibility Detailed

Hogwarts Legacy PS5, Xbox Series X|S Graphics Modes & Accessibility Detailed

While Hogwarts Legacy is coming to the last batch of platforms at a later date, it is also shortly coming out PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. And with that imminent launch, Avalanche Software has finally detailed the graphics modes on the two current-gen consoles, as well as its suite of accessibility options that will presumably be on every platform.

As found on the game’s support page, there will be a Fidelity Mode that runs at 30 frames per second and a Performance Mode that targets 60 frames per second. However, the team didn’t detail what resolution the two would run at. This might be key for Xbox Series S owners, as those modes, if it truly does have both settings, would undoubtedly be lower than their PS5 and Xbox Series X counterparts. The game will also support VRR for those who have a capable display. The PC specs were recently revealed, too, showing what Avalanche is recommending for low, high, ultra, and ultra 4K.

The accessibility page runs down the associated features that will likely be in all versions. There’s text-to-speech support for the menus, colorblind modes, the ability to turn off certain display effects like film grain, text scaling, high-contrast text, high-contrast gameplay that turns key elements into vastly different colors, the capability to reduce camera shake, subtitles, separate volume controls, spatial audio, an audio visualizer that points to where key sound effects are playing, various control changes, difficulty options (including a Story setting that makes certain segments impossible to fail), and more.

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