Hogwarts Legacy Has ‘No Current Plans for DLC’ Despite Success

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Despite its massive sales success, Hogwarts Legacy — which was released on February 10 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC — has no plans for any DLC at the moment, according to its developer.

During an interview for IGN’s Fan Fest, game director Alan Tew said that as of now, no DLC is in the works for the game. The reason for this is fairly simple, too, as Tew noted that the team had simply been too busy preparing for the launch of the game itself that it hadn’t had much time to focus on an expansion.

“We’ve been really heads down bringing [Hogwarts Legacy] to life,” said Tew. “So at the moment there are no current plans for DLC.”

Prior to its release, Hogwarts Legacy went through several rounds of delays leading up to its 2023 release. After being officially shown off in 2020, the game was originally meant to release in 2021. However, it was delayed twice, once to 2022, and then again to its final release date of February 2023.

With that in mind, it isn’t too shocking to hear that the game has no DLC as of now, although that certainly could be subject to change in the future.

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