Here's How British Asian Actor Ahsan Khan Feels About THAT Meme

Memes really do make the world go round. It doesn’t matter if you’ve said something recently, or four years ago – anything is fair game when it comes to the world of memes. Actor Ahsan Khan, thus, became the focus of various netizens, when an old video began circulating (you know the one) where he states that he’s a British Asian actor, who lives “here and there as well.”

The Context Of The Video

Upon reaching out to Ahsan Khan, the actor provided further context regarding the video in question.

“This video is around four years old,” states Ahsan Khan. “When I was doing theatre in London, I think I left Pakistan for 3 to 4 months. I was training there. I was in Birmingham for 25 days and in London for around two months. My parents still live there. This video is from that time. I didn’t quite get how this resurfaced after four years. Initially, I was hardly bothered.”

Reaction To The Memes

When asked if Ahsan Khan himself has changed upon any memes, he had the following to say:

“Of course I’ve seen the memes. I’m actually comparing the memes and loving them. We have a great sense of humor. Every time I am tagged in a meme or sent one, I really enjoy it.”

Ahsan Khan’s Reenactment

Recently, Ahsan Khan also reenacted the meme. When asked about what prompted him to do so, he stated the following:

“Everybody was making a video or a meme, and because I was enjoying it, I planned to make one as well with my kids to also be a part of the fun.”

On Aiding Promotions

Given that the video went viral close to the release of Ahsan Khan starrers, Chakkar and Rehbara, linking virality to promotions made for a fair question. Ahsan graciously put this query to rest as well.

“I actually hadn’t thought about this. It was so unplanned. We were doing our own share of promotions, and I just hope the best for Chakkar and Rehbara because we’ve worked hard and Yasir and Amin Iqbal have made really great films. While I am proud to be a part of both these films, I hadn’t thought about how this would aid promotions.”

He ends the conversation by thinking out loud as to how the virality of the meme can, indeed, be linked to promotions.

Regardless of how and when this clip resurfaced, one is truly glad that it did, for it has rekindled the quality Pakistanis possess to induce laughter. What are your thoughts on the meme? What’s your favorite one thus far? Let us know in the comments.

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