'He Gave So Much to Us'

In a recent interview with ComingSoon, Legion of Super-Heroes star Harry Shum Jr. spoke about his appreciation for his Everything Everywhere All at Once co-star Ke Huy Quan.

When asked about his thoughts on Quan’s Hollywood resurgence, the actor was full of praise for the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom star.

“You know, I think it’s the culmination of everything. You look at Ke’s body of work and it was cut short — very sadly, but we get to see it come back in resurgence,” Shum Jr. said. “We get to be part of this almost resurgence that … it’s almost like he gave so much to us that everyone else’s work gave it back to him and tenfold. So it’s a really beautiful exchange of everyone just trying to set the stage for the people behind us and how great is it that we get to see someone who influenced us so much while we were growing up finally get on that stage and thank the role for reintroducing him into the world.”

Everything Everywhere All At Once is written and directed by directing duo Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert a.k.a. the Daniels. Joe and Anthony Russo are producing through their AGBO banner, along with Ley Line Entertainment and Jonathan Wang. Eli Bush and Mike Larocca are among the executive producers, along with Josh Rudnick, Timothy Headington, and Theresa Steele Page.

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