Hawking's Space Travelling Dreams: Daily Planet

Hawking's Area Travelling Goals: Day by day Planet


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A lot of Stephen Hawking’s work focused around space. And he know as a species, that’s where we were headed. Daily Planet looks back at the contributions he made to space science and his dreams of travelling the space.

Watch our Stephen Hawking special right here! https://www.discovery.ca/Shows/Daily-Planet


35 thoughts on “Hawking's Area Travelling Goals: Day by day Planet

  1. If only for his conditions otherwise space 🌌🚀 exploration could have taken giant leaps and leaps .

  2. RIP the goat, he should been up there with Shatner the other day. Never forget the true man of science Hawking

  3. Look at his face…they could be throwing him around like a cabbage patch doll and you wouldnt know lmao. I dont think he was a nice person. I have heard he was a bit of a diva lol!

  4. I miss Stephen Hawking. He's a real hero for me, if just more people would listen to what he says and take it serious.

  5. What if we hibernated our bodies to super minimum food, living in like those matrix pods, and lived in virtual realities of our wildest dreams. Wrote a sci-fi story like that in highschool…. everyone left on earth after apocalypse lived under dome in VR, except for like a handful of 200 people who took care of dome.

  6. I once had this Dream too, but I was diagnosed with CF (Cystische Fibrose) (I only know it in German) and unfortunately, I won’t be able to live this dream. I respect Stephen Hawking so much, may he Rest in peace in heaven and in our hearts. 🙏

  7. We don't need to go into space to ensure our survival as a species. We just need to hold those whose greed is ruining the entire planet accountable. The problem isn't the number of people on Earth. It's the number of sociopaths controlling enormous swathes of the economy.

  8. If i ever had the possibility of giving this genius my body and my youth i would, he's damn worth the sacrifice.
    Rest in peace, if we ever reach the stars it'll be in part thanks to you.

  9. " I was Superman for those few minutes. " –

    You always were Superman to me.

    I would give all of my tomorrows to be at a table with you, Einstein and Feynman.

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