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Too many penalties? Jesse and Nate do a fascinating breakdown on the flags, how the coaches and players address them and how they prepare for different officiating crews. And is there anything the Cowboys need to worry about with this Broncos offense?

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31 thoughts on “Hangin' with the Boys: Flags A Flyin' | Dallas Cowboys 2021”
  1. Nate makes good points, he just giggle to much about things that's not funny. And looks around to see if anyone else is laughing, to justify his giggling.,…….

  2. They are going to try to drive the ball slowly down the field to keep the offense off the field. Watch out for the misdirection runs and traps.

  3. Personally I am not worried about any team as long as the Cowboys play their game nobody can beat us, penalties they will fix that. LETS GO COWBOYS SUPERBOWL 👌🏽👍🏼

  4. Sometimes holding calls on offensive linemen are intentional in order to not have a QB sack. I'll take a 10yard holding over a QB sack anyday. A sack could be more than 10 yards, and you risk an injury to your QB. Not everybody realizes that..

  5. Denver has no reason to be in this game,Dallas needs to just take care of inferior team and step on their throat early

  6. nate droppin truth bombs bout that weakling connor williams… i don't get it. sick of watchin him get bowled back into daks ball sack or get thrown around like a rag doll.. put laell back at guard and lets start road grindin already.

  7. come ahhn… half of the calls this year have been bullsht. theres a reason the cowboys lead the league in monday morning "wrong calls" from the league since 2006. goodell and nfl hates dallas. period.

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