Hadiqa Kiani Angry, Plans To Take Action Against "Theft" Of Boohey Barian

Musical crossovers in the subcontinent are not rare, with artists sharing their talent and work from time to time. Many of our artists have graced Indian films and projects in the past, and even the beloved Coke Studio is an undeniable hit across the border. However, it is when music is used and the owner not credited, nor acknowledged in any way – monetary or otherwise – that things begin heating up. Such is the case with Hadiqa Kiani and one of her most iconic (if not THE most iconic) songs, Boohey Barian.


In 1998, Hadiqa Kiani released her second album, Roshni, that featured songs which still remain etched onto the hearts of music fanatics. Amongst the many songs on the album, Boohey Barian, the sixth single on the album by Hadiqa Kiani, resonated and struck a chord with so many people that it is still considered to be one of the most well-known Pakistani songs.

The “Theft”

Hadiqa Kiani recently took to her stories to address the frequent thieving of her songs. This time around, Kanika Kapoor’s rendition of Boohey Barian, titled Buhe Baariyan, has become the focal point of Hadiqa’s anger. Posted on Saregama Music’s YouTube channel, the song has credited Gourov Dasgupta and Shruti Rane as composers, with lyrics being credited to Kunwar Juneja. Hadiqa Kiani has so far, not been mentioned anywhere.

The Reaction

In her stories, Hadiqa Kiani addresses how in “another shameless rendition of the song [her] mother wrote,” no one has asked for permission or given her royalties, using the song as an easy “money-making scheme.” She then lists examples of when the song has been stolen, and how half-hearted the attempt at crediting her often is – if at all.

She mentions that if she can chart the due process of royalties when covering songs, others continue to fall short, especially given that she is alive and well. She talks about how she wants to be flattered by these covers, given that it can be seen as a form of paying tribute, but others profiting off of her work is simply not right. Hadiqa Kiani also makes it clear that she has nothing against the singer or anyone else who sings her song – it is the process that irks her. She ends the first story by saying, “Anyways, the theft of Pakistani music continues.”

Nabeel Qureshi’s Reaction

Ace director Nabeel Qureshi (Na Maloom Afraad, Load Wedding) took to his stories to call Kanika Kapoor a “chor,” suggesting that Hadiqa Kiani take action against the song, given the YouTube channel a strike. He stated that the need to take a stand is essential.

Further Developments

Hadiqa Kiani took to her stories once again to double down on the fact that she owns all rights to Boohey Barian, stating that with all documents proving her ownership, her team will be taking action. She reiterates that no company or entity has been given masters or rights to the song. She ends her story by stating that she has stayed silent for long enough.

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