Gotham Knights Update Adds Controller Rumble, Stability Improvements

Gotham Knights Update Adds Controller Rumble, Stability Improvements

WB Games Montréal has slowly been patching Gotham Knights since its launch in October 2022. The team has just dropped another sizable update, one that adds a few features and fixes a bunch of other ones.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions got more features in this patch when compared to the PC port. Controller rumble has now been added to these platforms during combat and traversal, giving users more feedback that corresponds to their actions. PS5 players get a few more extras, as the game now has adaptive trigger support for Batcycle traversal and precision aiming. The controller speaker will also chime in when the momentum bar is full, after picking up health items or collectibles, and when the player’s ultimate is off cooldown.

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PC players mostly got a bunch of fixes, ones that address certain graphical or technical shortcomings.

Gotham Knights was not regarded favorably upon its release, which partially stemmed from its shaky technical performance. Post-launch updates like these have attempted to smooth these problems over, though. These patches have also not had much in the way of meaningful content, as WB Games Montréal only announced that it was getting a four-play co-op mode, which was released in November 2022.

Here are the full Gotham Knights update patch notes, which are separated by platform:



  • Several fixes for crashes in the Open World
  • Fix for the crash related to using Fast Travel Points
  • Fix for the crash that could happen when returning to the main menu
  • Fix for the crash that could happen when using the Text-to-Speech functionality in some options.


  • Rendering performance improvements
  • Smoothed out delta time fluctuations with and without V-SYNC
  • Streaming time improvements
  • Optimized actor spawn time and performance
  • Various GPU and CPU hitches reduction


  • Fix to HDR being improperly set on the not-primary monitor
  • Tweaked scalability settings for graphics settings auto-detection.
  • Fix for some materials being improperly displayed when the anti-aliasing is disabled.
  • The GPU driver check has been added.
  • Several minor fixes to the NVIDIA Ansel mode.
  • Fix for the post-processing options being improperly reset after exiting from the Photo Mode.
  • Several fixes for the shadows being improperly displayed.
  • Fix for some graphical artifacts that could be visible during the Clayface boss battle.


  • Fix for missing SFX in various menus.
  • Several fixes for the input in the Social Wheel menu.
  • Fix for the camera movement in the ‘Map’ submenu.
  • Fix for vanishing header prompts when crafting items
  • Fix for overlapping buttons in tutorials.
  • The ‘Add as Friend’ input has been changed in the Social menu.
  • The ‘Refresh list’ binding has been changed in the Social menu
  • The ‘Revert’ button in the Colorway section of the Styles tab should now have mouse functionality.
  • A separate binding for the Group Social menu tab has been added.
  • Fix for the issue when tutorial popup that did not required input was blocking KBM input in Crime Map
  • Several minor fixes related to the Text-to-Speech behavior in menus.


  • Several fixes for missing translations in menus.



  • Adaptive Triggers implemented
    • Batcycle traversal
    • Precision Aim firing 
  • Controller Rumble updates
    • Certain actions in combat
    • Traversals
      • Grappling
      • Knighthood traversal
      • Batcycle traversal
  • Controller Speaker sounds
    • When momentum bar is filled
    • After picking up certain collectibles and healthpacks
    • When ultimate cooldown has refreshed 

Xbox Series X|S


  • Controller Rumble updates
    • Certain actions in combat
    • Traversals
      • Grappling
      • Knighthood traversal
      • Batcycle traversal

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