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February 23rd’s Wordle puzzle might not be the easiest to solve this month as it contains three vowels in different spots and a complicated spelling.

February 23rd’s Wordle puzzle might not be the easiest players will attempt this month, but with the right starting words, there is a chance to solve the answer. However, there is a slight chance that players might find today’s puzzle challenging as it features three vowels in different positions. Discovering the correct positions of these vowels might prove to be challenging since there are few five-letter words with the same spelling. However, players should consider using Wordle‘s alternate mode to increase their chances of solving the puzzle.


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Wordle‘s hard mode serves as a great way to solve complicated puzzles, even though it is more time-consuming. Since players aren’t given any other hints apart from the color-changing boxes, veterans prefer to use this mode to prevent themselves from wasting attempts on random guesses. In this mode, players cannot reuse confirmed letters in a different spots, forcing players to use words that have a similar spelling that features confirmed letters in the same spot. However, if players want to save time, they can use some relevant hints.

Today’s Wordle Hints (February 23rd #614)

Wordle January 14 2023 574 Hints

Players can use clues that give them a fair idea about the answer to solve Wordle puzzles without wasting too much time. These hints do not ruin the challenge and only give more context about the answer. Players may have seen similar hints in crossword puzzles and other vocabulary games. Here are three hints that will help solve February 23rd’s Wordle answer:

Hint 1

not clearly expressed or defined

Hint 2

lacking expression

Hint 3

the criminal gave a very ___ answer (fill in the blank)

Today’s Wordle Answer (February 23rd #614)

Wordle Grid Lasers Negative Space

The February 23rd Wordle answer is VAGUE.

Players might find it easier to solve today’s puzzle using words like IRATE, ARGUE, and SEGUE. With these words, players will be able to discover the correct positions of most letters to solve today’s Wordle answer.

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