February 14th Wordle grid with a speaker blasting SOUND in the background

February 14th’s Wordle answer isn’t related to Valentine’s Day but is relatively easy to guess if players use starting words with multiple vowels.

February 14th’s Wordle quiz is now available for players to attempt, and while it has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, it is a fairly common word. Players looking to solve today’s answer might want to use their first few attempts containing two vowels next to each other. While this doesn’t really narrow down options, the aim here is to discover the correct position of these vowels. Once players know the correct position of these vowels, they might be able to solve the puzzle in the regular mode.

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However, if players find themselves stuck in the regular mode and want to prevent themselves from wasting attempts, they can use Wordle‘s hard mode. If players aren’t familiar with this mode, all they need to know is that they will not be allowed to use confirmed letters in different spots. This might come in handy once players know the correct position of the two vowels, as it will force them to use words that feature those letters in the same exact spot. But if players find themselves stuck on their last two attempts and don’t know the answer, they can use the relevant hints below.

Today’s Wordle Hints (February 14th #605)

Wordle January 20 2023 580 Hints

Even though players might be able to figure out today’s answer in a few attempts, many want to avoid taking a chance and sacrificing their daily streak using random guesses. This is where using relevant hints come in handy as they do not give the answer away and keep the spirit of the challenge intact. Here are three hints that might help solve February 14th’s Wordle answer.

Hint 1

something that can be heard

Hint 2

how something seems to be, from what is said or written

Hint 3

the ____ of music (fill in the blank)

Today’s Wordle Answer (February 14th #605)

Wordle Puzzle Hints on iPhone

The February 14th Wordle answer is SOUND.

It’s clear that today’s answer cannot be used using regular starting words such as ROAST or IRATE. Therefore players will have to use words like BLEND, STAND, and FOUND to figure out the correct positions of most letters. In fact, using words like FOUND or WOUND might prompt players to solve today’s Wordle answer by using the word SOUND in their next attempt.

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