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Atlanta Falcons Week 10 recap focuses on the embarrassing 43-3 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. Atlanta entered the day firmly in the 7th seed of the NFC Playoff picture and exited the day on the outside looking in. With a short week coming up, can the Falcons get back on track Thursday night against a VERY HOT New England Patriots team?. Falcons Chat Sports host Thomas Mott breaks down all the latest Falcons Week 10 news and rumors on this edition of Falcons Today.

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Falcons news and rumors have taken a turn for the worse after the huge loss to the Cowboys. Last week, Atlanta was flying high off a big win against the Saints. Now, fans seem to be further abandoning ship. Are the 4-5 Falcons officially done when it comes to the NFC Playoff? Matt Ryan and company will have to get things turned around quickly in order to bounce back against the Patriots on Thursday Night Football.

Mott’s Falcons Week 10 Takeaways:
Dan Quinn Got His Revenge
Falcons Desperately Need Calvin Ridley Back
Do I Even Have To Mention The Defense?
Maybe Wayne Gallman Is The Best Rb?
Patriots Are Coming In Hot

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Give Mott your thoughts and answer the questions from today’s show:
– What concerned you the most about the loss to the Cowboys?
– Who you got on Thursday night? Atlanta or New England

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27 thoughts on “Falcons Information & Rumors Following Unhealthy Cowboys Loss Toes. Dan Quinn Revenge Sport & Calvin Ridley Go back?”
  1. It hurts to see ATL not utilize Hayden hurst

    But the thing that hurts the most is having a bad run game. We should’ve kept gurly or freeman tbh

  2. Why is it we suck…well, we can't afford to get anyone…MR salary is millions and we are maxed out with the salary cap. So after losing MR says we have to do better and forget this game…we ain't gonna do crap until we get rid of MR and his salary…we need to totally rebuild and that is with a new QB! Defense and Offense we need to rebuild…! Though, MR is happy…he's probably drinking his margarita and enjoying life with a loss! I'm embarrassed for the Falcons but at the same time, they deserve it. The whole league is laughing at us and that's pathetic!!!

  3. Lol been saying this is a garbage roster. Glad to hear you admit it now. Now let’s get to the actual demolition and stop drafting offense. Let Matt get lit up or trade him if u can find a sucker to take that contract. Love Matt but at this point we need that money.

  4. If the Falcons beat the patriots on Thursday. It sets up a huge game in 3 weeks (the bucs are going to lose 5+ in a row, I thought they would beat the WFT I was wrong) The Bucs are getting exposed they are an older offense. The Falcons if they can beat the patriots will win the NFC South. I disagree Daniel Jones is an above average QB and Tua when he has been out there he has looked great for the past 2 months. The SPECIAL TEAMS coach needs to be fired immediately (the worst special teams in the NFL, Koo is a great kicker, but the rest of the special teams is bad.)

  5. I didn't get a chance to watch the game yet, busy yesterday with Church and parties. I was wrong on that game. I guess one possible thing to look forward to: the patriots only being given 3 days to prepare instead of 6 should benefit the falcons.

  6. Blow the team up and rebuild. Start with #2 I don't care if he's not the problem, get rid of the whole team except the rookies, and a few sophomores

  7. When they went for on early and the 1st quarter when they went for all 4 times they were switched to mobile to the other team

  8. We need a tight knuckle on that defense all that defense coordinator need to go And we need to tighten up on that offense and next year get rid of Matt Ryan call me and I'll win at the lounge

  9. 1. Vegas decided that game before it started.
    2. Calvin Ridley is a bust and will be a bigger disappointment when he returns.
    3. Cowboys only beat bad teams so, dont give em too much credit.
    4. Expecting anything more than .500 is expecting too much
    5. Dan Quinn's losing combined with the Hawks and Braves winning has put my care for the Falcons on a 2 year probation lol
    6. Gallman/Ollison/Patterson in that order.

  10. Our composition sucks and Calvin Ridley should just resign and give the money back. It wasn’t “just one game” either. It was a statement. They rubbed our face in it, over and over again. And we couldn’t do anything. We’re a joke. Watch how NE stomps us down too. N.O. win was a fluke. Matt Ryan, please retire, it’s not happening. You got paid and now we have subpar talent and other teams bench warmers.

  11. Falcons receivers just kind of run down the field like special olympics children. They don't really run routes. They just kind of go, oh look a butterfly–think I'll run there.

  12. If we play like we played against dallas this Thursday night it will definitely be a lose they got to come to play like they want it this Thursday night

  13. We just don’t have the players we need to run Pees scheme bc he have to dial back some of his play calling bc some players still don’t understand the scheme yet.

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