Exclusive Hannah Ha Ha Trailer Previews Indie Dramedy

Exclusive Hannah Ha Ha Trailer Previews Indie Dramedy

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive Hannah Ha Ha trailer for the indie dramedy by filmmaking duo Jordan Tetewsky and Joshua Pikovsky. The film is set to premiere in select theaters on February 10 then become available for streaming on Fandor on March 21.

“Hannah, a kind-hearted townie, finds herself torn by the influences and opinions of those around her. She spends her days caring for her aging father and doing various odd jobs around her hometown. She has a small circle of friends and maintains a quiet, contented existence being useful in her community, which includes a charming movie theater attendant, a gruff Russian mechanic, and her hippie uncle, whose midnight radio show monologues comfort the lonely souls in town.

“Paul, Hannah’s driven and career-oriented older brother, has recently moved to the area to be closer with his family. After a pleasant start to his first stay with his family in many years, some tension begins to build as old sibling dynamics re-emerge. He is disappointed in his sister’s lack of progress, and presses her to strive for more, particularly as her 26th birthday looms and her coverage under her father’s healthcare will lapse. What better time to start a ‘real job?’

“While somewhat good-intentioned, his misplaced advice and unsolicited impositions push his less-assured sister into a minimum-wage job that provides minimal benefits and tenuous promise of career advancement. Buffeted by the strong personalities and influences surrounding her, she struggles to make sense of the choices that have moved her further from her community and her sense of purpose. As she works long night shifts at an alienating and oppressive job, she begins to question if this is truly the path she needs to take.”

Check out the exclusive Hannah Ha Ha trailer below:


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Hannah Ha Ha was written, directed, and edited by Jordan Tetewsky and Joshua Pikovsky. It stars Hannah Lee Thompson, Roger Mancusi, Avram Tetewsky, and Betsey Brown. It was produced by Roger Mancusi and co-produced by Emily Freire.

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