Everything We Know About Pokémon Sleep

Snorlax sleeping on the island in Pokemon Sleep.

At a recent Pokémon Presents presentation spectators were given the first real glimpse at the new mobile game Pokémon Sleep which will be released for iOS and Android devices later this year. The app has been in development for four years, and some had even speculated the project had been canceled prior to this reveal. The announcement came with new footage of the game and some information on how the gameplay mechanics will work, all with some adorably sleepy Pokémon to accompany it.

It had been quite a while since fans had any news regarding when, or if, Pokémon Sleep would really be releasing, yet the developers must have been working hard behind the scenes. The app is designed as a way to gamify users sleeping habits by tracking how long they sleep as well as the quality of sleep. As a counterpart to Pokémon‘s other wildly successful app, Pokémon GO, the company appears to be finding new ways of helping turn real-life activities into entertainment.

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When Pokémon Sleep’s Release Date Is

Pokemon Sleep Release In Summer 2023, image of the app screen with a sleeping Snorlax and the logo.

After being originally announced in 2019, Pokémon Sleep is now expected to release in the summer of 2023. This could possibly coincide with the July launch of the new Pokémon GO Plus+ device which will be designed to work with both the Pokémon GO and Pokémon Sleep apps. However, no exact date has been provided to narrow the summer window for when the Pokémon Sleep app will be made available for download.

Pokémon Sleep Gameplay Details

Three phone screens showing how Pokémon Sleep records sleep, how long you slept, and a graph of sleep quality.

The basic idea behind the coming Pokémon Sleep app appears to be fairly consistent with other sleep trackers available on the market, but it incorporates a gamified style allowing Pokémon to appear while a player is sleeping and different styles of sleep to find and unlock. When a person tells the app they are going to sleep, they will set their phone down next to them and the app records the length of sleeping time and some other data such as snoring or other noises. The sleep data is then categorized as either Dozing, Snoozing, or Slumbering, and Pokémon of those sleep types will appear in the game.

The app has a built-in alarm-clock feature to wake players at a specified time, so they can then eagerly see which Pokémon have congregated as well as view their stats for how well they slept. It is unclear so far whether the app will use the Apple Watch like Pokémon GO does or be able to connect with other devices. These would allow for greater sleep tracking capabilities, and because Pokémon GO does use them it seems likely that Sleep will at some point in the future, even if not immediately available at launch.

Rare In-Game Pokémon Sleep Styles To Collect

Pokemon SLEEP's alternative sleeping styles: Pikachu's Curled-Up Sleep, Spheal's ??? Sleep, Bulbasaur's Sunbathing Sleep, and Slowbro's ??? Sleep.

In addition to the three basic sleep categories, there are some rare in-game styles to collect such as an adorable Slowpoke’s “Goofy Sleep” or a Pikachu with “Droopy-Eared Sleep.” Unlike the Dozing, Snoozing, and Slumbering categories, most likely the collectible styles will not correlate directly with how the player has slept. These rare sleep forms are found over time as the user earns Pokémon Sleep points by sleeping and waking up to see which Pokémon gathered around Snorlax on the app’s sleepy island screen each night. Collecting these Pokémon sleep styles appears to be the main gaming part of the app. Data will then be passed on to Pokémon‘s new Professor, Professor Neroli.

Who Pokémon Sleep’s New Professor Is

A title card introducing Professor Neroli that reads,

Joining the ranks of Pokémon Professors is Professor Neroli, who players will encounter on the island and get to aid in his research. This Professor appears to be wearing a Snorlax sleep mask around his neck and is the researcher of Pokémon sleep habits. Unfortunately, not much is known yet about this Pokémon sleep study enthusiast, although his name comes from Neroli Oil which is derived from the blossoms of a bitter orange tree. Though it seems odd that he is not named after a more sleep-inducing plant, it does continue the legacy of most Pokémon games prior to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet using tree-based and other nature-based names for their Professors.

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Where Pokémon Sleep Takes Place

A Slowpoke asleep on its back in Pokémon Sleep, with a text box above it that reads,

The adventure in Pokémon Sleep takes place on a small, unnamed island. On this island players will find not only Professor Neroli who is researching Pokémon sleep habits but also large Snorlax who live there. The longer players sleep, the more Pokémon will slowly appear around Snorlax, mostly corresponding to the style of sleep that the player is getting. The sleeping Snorlax will attract the attention of the other Pokémon who then come to rest quietly next to them, allowing the player to catch ’em all in their sleeping fashion.

Pokémon GO Plus+ Will Work With Pokémon Sleep

A Hand holds the Pokemon GO Plus+ device, which looks like a classic red and white Poké Ball, while the logo is to the right.

Pokémon Sleep will be designed so that it can work with the new device, Pokémon GO Plus+. This device will be designed so that players can simply hit the button when they are going to sleep and drift off to Pokémon-style bedtime lullabies by singing Pikachu. When it’s time to wake up, the device has a built-in alarm to wake users. The item will connect to smartphones using Bluetooth and will transfer data to the Pokémon Sleep app.

The Pokémon Company has seen a lot of success with its Pokémon GO app and though this new sleep tracker has taken many years to come to fruition, there are many who are very curious about how well it will go over. Releasing this summer, Pokémon Sleep will give many fans a tool to help themselves to improve their sleep and, therefore, their health. Connecting this app with Pokémon GO could see a future with healthier and happier players, and many full Pokédexes.

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