Every Song On Magic Mike’s Last Dance’s Soundtrack

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Magic Mike’s Last Dance features many songs: going from pop hits the audience will immediately recognize to originals, here are all the tracks

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for Magic Mike’s Last DanceMagic Mike’s Last Dance is the third and final installment of the Magic Mike franchise: here is every song featured in the soundtrack of the film. After the events of Magic Mike XXL, the third Magic Mike film follows Channing Tatum’s Mike Lane in a new adventure across the ocean. As Magic Mike’s Last Dance opens with Mike, now a retired strip, who lost his furniture business during the pandemic and has become a bartender for a fundraising event. Here, he meets the socialite Maxandra Mendoza who enlists him to produce a stage play with her in London.

Set mainly in London, Magic Mike’s Last Dance brings a significant change in setting compared to the other two movies set in Miami, Florida. Similarly, Magic Mike’s Last Dance only brings back Tatum as the titular character but for the most part of its cast and characters features new actors and dancers. As such, the setting in the new Magic Mike is not the only change compared to the two previous Magic Mike movies. However, as a sequel, some elements remain consistent with the rest of the Magic Mike franchise, including the use and choice of songs in Magic Mike’s Last Dance. Here’s every song on the Magic Mike’s Last Dance soundtrack.

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Exactly When Every Song Plays In Magic Mike’s Last Dance

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Just like the previous two installments, Magic Mike’s Last Dance music does not disappoint and becomes a key part of the film, as Magic Mike’s Last Dance heavily relies on dance sequences. In particular, this is evident in the way music and dancing are both a key part of Mike and Max’s blossoming relationship. Similarly, as the show finally takes place in the latter part of Magic Mike’s Last Dance, the music takes on a whole new relevance in the film as both the audience in Magic Mike’s Last Dance and those watching it get to see the show Mike has been working on for the whole movie.

The story of Magic Mike’s Last Dance opens with “Anacaona” by Cheo Feliciano as Mike prepares a drink for a lady at the bar who will recognize him as a stripper from her bachelorette party. When the party is over, Mike gives Max an acrobatic lap dance on the notes of “Careful” by Lucky Daye, which was released for Magic Mike’s Last Dance. After Max convinces Mike to go with her to London, “Alien Trance” by Xyrex plays as the film features an overview of London. In London, Max and Mike hold auditions with “Spoiler” by Baloji playing in the background.

“Steal Away” by Robbie Dupree is featured in Magic Mike’s Last Dance as Mike and Max have a fight in the car. “Mercy” by Jacob Banks plays as they watch the Italian dancer on the stage. This is followed by “Permission” by Ro James which plays twice during the rehersals sequence as a dancer strips for Salma Hayek’s Max and soon after when Mike demonstrates the dance. “Kurz-Entspannengversion” by Theo Werdin is featured when the dancers put on a dance on the bus to win Edna to their side. Most notably, “Suavemente” by Fred Perry plays as Mike and Max dance together on the stage.

As Mike continues preparing the show without Max’s knowledge, the movie features the song “It’s Over, If We Run Out Of Love” by David Holmes. In the final part of the film, the show is put on as multiple songs accompany each number, starting with “Chanpagne Life” by Ne-Yo, which is followed by “Be Faitfull” by Fatman Scoop feat Crooklyn Clan and “Get Up I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine” by James Brown as JD Rainey has a solo performance. The dancers then dance to “Juice” by Young Franco & Peli and “Boys Better,” by The Dandy Warhols after an outfit change.

Related: Every Movie Franchise Ending In 2023 (Confirmed & Rumored)At the end of Magic Mike’s Last Dance, the show continues with “Permission” by Ro James once again, and “Pony” by Ginuwine. As Mike and a ballerina perform a dance where they both strip, retracing the key moments of Mike and Max’s relationship the song “Open Up” by Gallant plays. Finally, “Love In This Club” concludes the movie as the show ends and Mike reunites with Max and the two kiss, while the rest of the characters celebrate a successful show. During the end credits, two songs play: “Don’t Be Afraid” by Diplo & Damina Lazarus and “All About You” by Stevie Brock.

How Magic Mike’s Last Dance’s Soundtrack Compares To Past Magic Mike Movies

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The soundtrack is one of the elements that inevitably makes a film and Magic Mike’s Last Dance songs perfectly fit its story and the atmosphere of the film. In fact, Magic Mike’s Last Dance uses a similar soundtrack as that of the previous films, with pop using and party songs that some of the audience will be familiar with. However, despite reusing certain songs that were successful in the Magic Mike franchise, like Pony, the songs in Magic Mike’s Last Dance seem less impactful compared to the two previous Magic Mike films. As such, the Magic Mike’s Last Dance soundtrack is arguably less successful than earlier installments.

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