Every Premonition Location (& What They Mean)

The Dark Pictures Anthology The Devil In Me

There are thirteen premonitions scattered around The Devil In Me that foreshadow future scenes. Their knowledge can save a character’s life.

The Dark Pictures Anthology series has many staple mechanics that carry across each game, from quick time events to character relationships to cryptic yet helpful premonitions and The Devil In Me is no exception. A premonition is an item that, when picked up, shows the player a future scene in the game. Some scenes may never come to pass, but by studying the circumstances of the premonition, players can navigate to their desired end, whether that be death or salvation.


[Warning: this article contains major spoilers for The Devil In Me.]

In The Devil In Me, premonitions take the form of medical diagrams commonplace in the time period of H. H. Holmes, as opposed to the tablets from House of Ashes. Like the previous Dark Picture Anthology game, there are six “light” premonitions, which are lightly framed and key to survival, and six “dark” premonitions depicting someone’s death in a dark outline, alongside a secret premonition regarding a future game.

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All Premonitions in The Devil In Me

The Dark Pictures Anthology Heart Diagram Premonition Turned

  • Explosion: A light premonition from the chapter “Opportunity”. While hiding in the shed as Charlie, the first diagram is hanging on the wall by the door. The premonition shows a speedboat racing from the island during “Lake”, only to explode. Players who saved everyone in Little Hope and want to repeat that success should keep this scene in mind.
  • Turned: A light premonition in “Island”, when players control Kate accompanying Jamie. Prior to getting on the trolley, players should explore the ruined cabin. Jump over a log wall and crawl into an opening in the back. The premonition sits on a desk and depicts Jamie spinning a limp figure in a chair around to face her.
  • Burnt: The first dark premonition found during “Cigarettes”. When Charlie enters the bar on the hotel’s first floor, the diagram is hanging to the left. It shows Charlie being burnt alive in “Ignition” after trying to force open a door, a throwback to the themes of fire in Little Hope. This death occurs if players try to force said door open twice.
  • United: A light premonition found by Mark in “Scouting” while heading for the balcony. Players must go to the end of the hallway on the second floor to find the premonition on the wall. In it, Mark, Charlie, and Erin reunite at the lighthouse during the “Lighthouse” chapter.
  • Stabbed: A dark premonition from “Noises” with Erin. Erin will hunt down the voice of a crying woman, only to have a door slam in her face. At this point, players should head back towards Erin’s room and not pass the painting of Holmes’ execution. A diagram will have appeared in the side corridor, showing Erin getting stabbed in the neck during “Blackout” after attacking the killer. This scene occurs when the killer offers Erin an inhaler, which players should take. Counter-intuitive decisions like this are common in House of Ashes and other Dark Pictures games.

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  • Cured: Charlie finds another dark premonition during “Blood Trail” as he and Jamie head to the destroyed lobby. The premonition is under the boat painting and shows Charlie failing a QTE in the curing vat during “Cliffside”, getting caught by the killer.
  • Uncanny: Mark uncovers a light premonition in “Workshop” while exploring the workshop basement. The premonition sits near a bloody mannequin with buttons. This premonition involves Kate finding an incapacitated Mark during “Lake”, although nothing is as it seems with him.
  • Crushed: When Jamie opens the fake mirror with her screwdriver during “Interrogations”, she will find a dark premonition behind it. The premonition shows Jamie sacrificing herself to save Kate in the Glass Trap in “Director’s Suite”. However, if players want everyone to live, they must sacrifice Kate in a scene reminiscent of Until Dawn.
  • Dragged: Kate’s light premonition in “Morellos” has her enter a room with someone crying. Before doing anything else, players should grab the premonition on the wall. It shows, in a scenario where Kate and Jamie survive the Glass Trap, the killer catching Jamie in “Chase”. Kate must save Jamie if Jamie is to survive.
  • Masked: Jamie finds another dark premonition in “Director’s Suite” while searching for an exit. Prior to entering the office, players can look at a premonition to the right of the exit. This premonition involves the “Ultimatum” ending where Du’Mat offers Mark the role of the new Du’Mat to summon victims to the island, an offer that may place this game high on the Dark Pictures rank list. If Mark rejects the offer twice or pretends to accept to warn Kate, he will die in a poison gas chamber.
  • Searching: Once players can control Erin in “Maze”, they must head into a tight enclosure where the light premonition waits. In it, Du’Mat hears something while exploring a farmhouse in “Homestead”.
  • Spiked: The final dark premonition involving Mark during “Pool”. After leaving the shower and finding the exit, avoid the door and instead check the right wall. In this “Lake” premonition, Mark tries to attack Du’Mat with a weapon, only to get his head forced towards an axe. Failing Mark or Kate’s QTEs gets Mark killed.
  • Spaced: This premonition teases the next game, Directive 8020. The game’s name, alongside some other future Dark Picture titles, was leaked a few months back. When players reach a large ruined building during “Cliffside”, they need to enter through a second-floor window and find the premonition on the wall of the first room. In it, an explosion rocks through a spaceship, and one of the two astronauts in the scene is blown into space.

It can be difficult to understand how to avoid dark endings or how to save someone’s life in a Dark Pictures game. The QTEs and intense environment make it stressful to think ahead. Luckily, premonitions act as a hint system of sorts, giving players the edge they need to decide whether to take certain actions. For The Devil In Me, these premonitions fuel the race against a serial killer and keep the player in the loop as to the killer’s next twisted game.

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