Euphoria’s Cassie Actor Wants More Scenes With One Character In Season 3

Sydney Sweeney as Cassie looking back around her in Euphoria

Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney wants Cassie to have more scenes with one fan-favorite character in season 3, especially given the connection to her sister.

Sydney Sweeney hopes Cassie gets more scenes with one particular character in Euphoria‘s future seasons. Though the HBO series is heavily focused on Rue (Zendaya), many of the show’s cast members get their moment in the spotlight as the drama of their lives unfolds. In particular, Sweeney’s Cassie stood out in Euphoria season 2 among the teens for her equally hilarious and chilling displays of emotion, which stemmed from her growing obsession with her best friend’s ex-boyfriend Nate (Jacob Elordi).


Due to the series’ large ensemble cast, some Euphoria character combinations haven’t interacted as much as others, which is exacerbated by the clique-like nature of the friendships explored in the show. During an appearance in a British GQ video, this was referenced when Sweeney was asked why her character doesn’t have more scenes with Angus Cloud’s Fezco, the friendly and unassuming drug dealer who struck up a charming bond with her sister Lexi (Maude Apatow) in Euphoria season 2. The actor stated that she hopes to increase her time on-screen with Cloud. See what Sweeney had to say below:

“I have been saying this, I ask Sam [Levinson] all the time to please somehow connect Cassie and Fezco. I’m hoping maybe next season, I will.”

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Could Cassie And Fez Connect In Season 3?

Cassie looking angry in Euphoria

Sweeney’s desire for more screen time with Cloud in season 3 could come to fruition depending on Fez’s fate after the Euphoria season 2 finale. Though the character was arrested after the firefight that left his adopted little brother Ash (Javon Walton) dead, it is unknown whether he will still be in jail by the time season 3 rolls around, especially if the season jumps forward in time as is expected. Assuming that Fez is released from prison and still free to roam in season 3, his interactions with Cassie could happen organically due to his growing relationship with her sister.

Fez and Lexi share a sweet bond, which could become deeper and more trusting if he chooses to divulge the events that led to him missing her play. The relationship between Lexi and Fez could, in turn, force Cassie to interact more with her sister’s new friend. Given Cassie’s petty nature, she could even try seducing Fez to get back at her sister for the play, which could lead to tension between Fez and Lexi in Euphoria season 3. If the relationship between Fez and Lexi deteriorates in season 3, perhaps Cassie could confront Fez in a misguided attempt to earn some points with her sister after seeing her the way Lexi sees her in the play.

Alternately, if Cassie continues her downward spiral, she may go to Fez for drugs or even a weapon, believing she needs to defend herself against Maddy (Alexa Demie) after their brutal fight. If Fez decides against pursuing criminal activity in season 3 to avoid being arrested again, Cassie could possibly be the culprit to land him in prison again, which would be an intriguing direction for the season and certainly deliver on Sweeney’s hopes for the upcoming season. After becoming one of the most-mocked characters in Euphoria season 2, the prospect of her interacting with the fan-favorite Fez in season 3 would certainly be entertaining.

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